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I'm looking. Yes. This episode starred Leslie Nielsen as Colonel Dennis Malloy. And it also starred actor Fritz Weaver as Dr Mazi Weaver is terrific. And this is well Nielsen is great in. This is the pre naked gun. Nielsen this serious actor Nielsen. Oh, he was that way for a long time. What movie did I just watch recently where he plays straight character? I can't remember right now. But of course, he was in forbidden planet. Oh, was he? Yeah. You don't remember? He's he was like the main. He was the commander astronaut in been planted. I mean, forbidden planet's great is not great for the astronaut characters who as usual or just like some stiff white dude's. Well, you could say that Leslie Nielsen was also one of those stiff wide do for sure. He's kind of put him in the same categories. Peter graves, you know. Enlight Peter graves and was later used to terrific affect in comedy as such as the airplane, movies and the naked gun movies in this. He's he's pretty great because he plays just a very very hard cold character plays. He's a fearless mercenary. That has just been multiple wars. And even after World War Two is over. He couldn't get enough. So just continually works as a mercenary, okay and Lee, Marvin type very much very much Lee, Marvin type character ear also reminds me a lot of the kind of character that say leave and cliff would have play. Oh, yeah. Okay. So in this episode it starts off with a gentlemen's club. And here is Colonel Malloy talking it up with the other gentleman there and one of the gentleman there, Dr Mazi played by Fritz Weaver starts talking about an an episode haunted house, I'm sort of an encounter with haunted house, where just terrifying for anyone to survive. And of course, the fearless Colonel here he starts talking about just how fearless is and how fear is a disease. He says, I'm careful, but I am incapable of fear. Okay. So this leads to a bet as compared tends to happen in stuffy gentlemen's clubs Mazi says. Says that he bets he cannot survive a one night in this haunted mansion without being scared to death and any puts ten thousand dollars on the line nineteen seventy one dollars. Yeah. Cash. And so, of course, are mercenaries up for it to prove how fearless is and to to get a nice payday. He says, of course, I'll do it. So in this one of the fabulous things about this episode is basically a two person show. It's just a just Weaver and the Olsen. So and you don't even see Weaver again, physically he only appears on a television set. So what happens is that Malloy Braves the ghost defects in the house, all these smoking Mira facts seem intended to scare him out of his payday. He definitely fires a few rounds and some obvious special effects in just the audiences clear that they're special effects, or it's obvious within the story that they're special effects a little of both especially to modern viewers. The effects aren't like our terrible. But anything they're lacking. I think actually enhances this aspect of the episode. So it's like supposed to be visible to Malloy that it's fake, right? Or certainly after he's through emptying his gun into Israel. I doubt with the problem. The way I do all my problems, I tempted to murder it. Right. And then I saw that it wasn't anything to be afraid of. So eventually, though, he settles into bed as a little coffee for some reason. And then he's says, all right? I'm just going to go to bed when I wake up going to be ten thousand.

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