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What the heck let's make it a holiday for the little president. L let another game of checkers Bronco. Thanks, Mr. Gildersleeve. But. I can't seem to concentrate this morning. Margie's empty tray. There's no Hebrew did Margie too. Good breakfast birdie had never thought that he wondering why you two men don't go to work. You doesn't? She think. We'll be needed birdie. You support a family if you don't go out and sell every other state. Well, it's a holiday Nassir tomorrow. The holiday. Yeah. You're mixed up Bronco. President Bronco junior has been inaugurated yet. Yeah. I guess I will have to support him for a while. And there are a couple of deals I should be working on. She is go ahead Bronco. Are you going to the water department? You my situation is a little different Bronco. I don't have to call my customers anytime they want water. They just turn on the tap. And it comes running. Go happen today. Miss you and Mr. Bronco two ready for you. And you can't be too. Sure. Brady. Yes. When you to read and nothing happens that could be. Yeah. Because you do ready, man. The data car won't start. You got a flat tire is days going to happen. But today you to radio right that you would miss Bronco work. Oh, no. You go to work Bronco. You're ready. Lira? Yeah. We went out to see a prospect. Oh, not from happening. Not today. Everything's running smoothly. That'd be terrible. If I home from school all day and nothing happens..

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