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We've got to to approaching festival flooding with all that rain this guy remove my rate yeah that's right Kimberly were jammed on two oh two south bound approaching a Chester brook Boulevard you've got flooding there and an accident now blocking the two right lanes this one looks pretty serious so it's something we need to take a with some caution as you head south wants to to probably be awhile before they clear that accident when I go to the Boulevard really quickly because we've got this accident southbound just pass the ridge Avenue before you get to the school expressway the left lane with moving now they've got traffic completely stopped as they try to clear this you've got EMS fire department all on the scene the right now south on Boulevard we're completely stopped just pass ridge Avenue for this action right now no one moving so expect those delays eastbound Schuylkill expressway some delays approaching Belmont could be some flooding there of course farther east were shut down at the vine expressway for that weekend long construction that should be re opened right around Monday morning at five AM ninety five north it's a little bit slow from the vine of the Girard Avenue PA turnpike no delays right now in both directions but you cannot exit for route one in Bensalem the ramp is closed for construction route one north bound approaching the PA turnpike that's heavy due to some right wing construction as well in media route one close between red roof driving valley road that's construction and in New Jersey were pretty busy the Jersey turnpike northbound you're out of crawl approaching exit exit six for the PA turnpike there's still a tractor trailer fire out there blocking the right lane the fires out but you still have emergency personnel on the scene trying to get that out of the way in a few south on the turnpike now we're watching a delay just south of route seventy three were looking into the report of an accident there as well in Gloucester city one thirty remains closed in both directions your Market Street it's an accident with a downed utility pole blocking a couple of lanes except the less than ten minutes I'm sorry Moses in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center thank you can I read in a severe thunderstorm warning is issued for Philadelphia office emergency management that's in effect will Levin. now John B. Gregory and.

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