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And honestly, it's an hour honor because I listened to him all the time. Hopefully, you do as well. I was talking about spiders, and somebody just texted and said me too. I got bitten the leg in bed the other night. I pulled my cover back to go to bed the other night, and there was a big black spider in my bed, and all I could do was think I bet it was in my bed last night too, And I didn't know. Um, I was trying to identify what those, um I don't know if my husband who is a farmer calls them road apple. No, that's something else completely. I don't know. But somebody did text and called they're they're called Dosage apples. I think that's what they are, like a big green bumpy thing. They grow on trees. I mean, how scientific is that? Nonetheless, when you put him in your house They repel spires spiders. It's called dosage fruit and this person from six, Rio said, you find him in the fall, so it's too early, so that's not my option to get rid of spiders, two and nine, Linda from Portage said. Another good thing for spiders is a spray called Miss Muff. It's revenge. I've never heard of this. She said She thought she learned of it from Lou Manfredini. Of course, he's got all these answers. And she said it really works. Miss Muppets. Revenge. I'm going to try that. She sprays it near the foundation and other places that spiders gather and it helps keep them away. Which is what I'm looking for, because they're not gathering on the outside. They seem to be gathering on the inside of my house, which is making me absolutely crazy. Hey, coming up before 12 o'clock, We're going to speak with Trent board. He's an Illinois state climatologist on the heat wave in the Pacific Northwest. We kicked off the show this morning talking to people who live there because, of course, W g N could be heard there as well. And many of them are Transplanted from the Chicago area and talked to one guy who said his brother has gone to Arizona to escape the heat from Seattle. How crazy is that? All right. You're not going to believe this, but I I shared a situation Where the landscape er a few weeks ago when I was on the radio, and I have had so many people. Ask In fact, I was just having dinner the other night at the Squire in South Elgin and the waitress said, Hey, what happened with the landscape? Er, so I thought I'd cover it for you and see if you have been in this situation. I'm still kind of perplexed by it. So I'm selling my house and I needed all the mulch done. I'm allergic to mulch. I learned that last year when I laid it myself and got sick and a few other things done. Had the guy come and give me the bid. The bid was pretty stout, and I said, You know what? I don't have $2500. That's that's not what I'm looking for. So what can you do? And we we laid out what he was going to do. It was mulch. It was a few other things. It was clean up. You know a whole list. You have a hole punch list of stuff. And we agreed on the price be a text for $1800. Which in my mind is an enormous amount of money. It really is. They came. They did the work as fairly satisfied with the work. You know, he pulled up my mom's 50 year old rhubarb plants as a little uptight about that, and they left a pile of they didn't take like What they cleaned up. They left the pile of debris in the fire pit. And and lo and behold, the next day, he sends me a text and he said, You know what? I didn't charge you enough. I need 2000 more dollars. Now the work is done. We had agreed on the price. I didn't add anything to the list, and I said $2000, I just gave you a check for $1800. Yesterday he goes, I know, but we thought about it, and we really think the price should be $3800. To lay mulch into clean up. And what else did he do? Oh, he did bring in a team and replace some papers. And my dogs had dug out some, You know, stone steps when I say stone there, those dollar You know, um, like pay for things that you buy it minorities from buck apiece. I mean, it wasn't extensive work, and it was only two days of work. What do you do? I mean, I I didn't know what to say. So I said, Well, I don't think that's fair. And I don't think that this is legal that you can come back on me and asked for $2000. In addition to the 1800, I already paid you and so people were calling W g n the day I was on the air because I just didn't know what to do. And they're like, Oh, don't pay it. Absolutely. Don't pay it. You don't have to pay it. Does it become a small claims court issue then? So so many people have asked about that. Like, what did you do? What decision did you make? I invited this person back. He is young. He is new in business. His father has a big landscaping business. Kind of think maybe his dad put him up to it. And I said, Look, here's the deal. If you underbid the project by that much, then that really is your problem. The other fact is you're only here for two days. You were here five hours one day 10 hours the other day. Do the math. I mean, that's that's more than I mean, you can't You can't charge me like $250 an hour for landscaping. So we went round around. We had a big conversation. I tried to be motherly about it and tell him that wasn't the way you run a business. That's not how you get a referral, but I ended up paying more money. I ended up giving him an additional $700 taking it back up. To the original bid of 2500. And every day since then I've regretted it and everybody that's come up to me and said, that's ridiculous. You shouldn't have given another penny. But how do you manage those situations? So I guess what I'm sharing with you today is if you hire Independent contractors like that that are not attached to a big company or a company with a great reputation. Then you might want to get it in writing, because if you don't and they come back, what are your options? And of course it was. You know, it was a day couple days where my husband was, You know, at the farm and working in the fields and so you know. Was looking for a little muscle to back me up purchased. You know, somebody that could say hey, and I didn't have it. So I ended up paying more money. So word to the wise get it in writing. I guess a text would have counted in this situation. But I ended up paying more money. So that's the answer to that. We're going to be paying more money for gas, especially now that I don't know they're saying 48 million people are traveling this weekend for the Fourth of July weekend because most people are vaccinated, and they're excited to get beyond Wisconsin or Michigan to actually get somewhere for the weekend and beginning tomorrow. Even though Illinois has some of the highest fuel gas prices in the country. The taxes will increase by just a little bit, okay, but we pay far more taxes than what other states do. That's why you can go to Missouri. If you live in Quincy, you drive across the bridge and you pay. 50 to 75 cents less per gallon or sometimes it's Indiana. I was even in Wisconsin last weekend for a graduation party. Their price was about to 89 in some places to 82 here in the city. It's pretty extreme out in the burbs. I think we're at 3 39 to 3 49. Price of gallon of gas in Illinois averages about 3 30 a gallon Missouri right now is averaging 2 80 a gallon And I heard, um the guy who created the gasbuddy app on with Bob Bob this morning and tell me what that app works if you want to find cheap gas Okay. I got to check in here with Dennis. Dennis, Are you going to talk to me about landscaping and what I should do in the future? So that brown you know what I got to say? I had the same problem with a very large Um, it's a landscaping off it. They use independent contractors that are, you know their license to have their name. It's a very large company. I don't know if I can mention the company or not. I don't want to get sued for slander. But, you know, I'm I'm so new here that I would say yes. Spare me because I don't want to get in trouble either. Yeah, It's a very large company that comes in there straight for weeds. And if you saw one of their trucks if you saw their trucks on the street, you recognize it right away..

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