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Phone calls. One eight, hundred six eight four thirty one ten and we're live and we, were discussing a I the US decision to cut another two hundred million dollars in eight Palestinians now again. This is this is again a sewing a strong, support for Israel but also it's opposing that Palestinian program called, pay the sleigh which is codified I'm holding in. My hands if you're watching on Facebook comparison in Palestinian authorities law goes back to twenty fourteen were. They said on paper we're going to fund the people who carry out we're going. To pay their families who carry out attacks on Israel. And people who are in Israel it even led to a law in the. United States called the Taylor for sac then we did a lot of work on that law but let's explain it to people because this is really kind of to put. It's almost like the administration wanted to put the Taylor force act into place quicker than Then it was on paper so they've. Actually done it for for this this actual fiscal year that were in. As well as for the next fiscal year tell people what that name, means, what that act is about yeah that's right Jordan first of all US law had already prohibited funds from going to terrorist organization of which HAMAs. Is one, in the air participant in the unity government however the Taylor force, act which was named after a Vanderbilt student who was murdered by terrorist and then his family was given. A reward for the family of the perpetrator was, given a reward for murdering Taylor force the Taylor force act, was passed by the house and Senate and signed. Into law by President Trump and essentially it says intil what is called the pay to slay program. From the Palestinian Authority is ceased there will be no more funding economic support funds. For the Palestinian Authority now the paid a slave program. Is a program that you explained Jordan where the Palestinian Authority does reward care. Terrorists for committing knows active is actually a part of their statute it is a compensation Program for martyrs in their. Words I would, call, it pain terrorists for committing acts of. Terrorists the congress said for funds that go forward that we appropriate until you we. Can certify that you had, ended that program we will no longer send. You economic support funds right now it's about two hundred million dollars a year but. Over the course of the last, decade it's closer to four. Hundred, million dollars. A. Year Jordan with, the Trump administration has administration has said is look the funds that have already been obligated that the Taylor force act does not statutorily. Apply, to we're going to apply it anyway we are not going to obligate we are not gonna send to the Palestinian Authority the two hundred million dollars it is available to us to send them consistent with what. Congress has done going forward instead we're gonna use that in other places in the region that will. Actually use it for its intended purpose purposes or we're going to redirect it to other entities who will. Not use it for terrorism during if this is a very strong move. And, it takes mock mood Abbass up on his promise when he said look the United States can keep its. Money guess what we are going to keep the money and we. Could use it away That actually benefits our interests which is what it's about when you are the US government benefit our, interests our allies interests not our enemies one eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten if you've got questions on this topic we're also going to get into Bruce sore very soon probably..

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