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Work i so i thought alliteration was the same letter you're saying it's the same sound so julio jones doesn't work either yeah i don't think julio jones works either out hooper cup work oh wait a second the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. I think it sounds. I think it sound too. Yes so it's Julio does not work cooper cup. A i feel like there should be more of these tyler. Talk it exactly there. You go Finally from jake. I lost cam makers in my dynasty startup. My team is competitive. Or should i start my rebuild twelve team. Pr one quarterback league semi empire sets. I got trade offers decay metcalf for two first round picks in two thousand twenty two and jalen waddell. That's pretty interesting Aaron jones for devante williams and a first round. Pick in two thousand twenty two and lamar jackson for trae lance and at least an early i. These are all really good. Trade offers going be an early. I in twenty twenty two. You're giving the guy lamar jackson and you're giving up. Di came back half and lamar jackson especially in their. I are jones. He's right on the borderline of one. You should be looking to trade or running back. D k metcalf for two first round picks and jalen waddell though that's just round picks if you're truly rebuilding you take that trade and you take the aaron judge to do all of them. Yeah i am going. Crazy is own half the first round next year. I think that's so fun. all right. yeah. These are really great trades to consider so jerry judy though yeah he's on the alliteration team keelan coal start to run out of useful christian. Kirk think you could count you. Start to run out of useful options. Pretty quickly chris conley zeki. oh zeki. Zico elliott work. Braxton barry system. Fun game thanks for the email. Thanks everybody for listening. We will talk to you tomorrow. Would they mail that. Proposal

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