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Of course they're going to think differently it's a given you may want owners to act a certain weight and do certain things accordingly they don't have an obligation to especially when they're not the ones you're protesting just something to think about it really is editor eight say espn editing seven to nine three seven seven six back with your calls in the minute you listen live to stephen on this just what you're in the middle of stephen with show podcast you gotta be kidding me espn's very own adam schefter an m listen inside extraordinaire is reporting that bengals linebacker bontes bertha ct is facing a four game suspension for violating the nfl's performance enhancing drug policy pending appeal pearl leagues office why am i reading at nba allstar weakened who do i run into i run into von test birth and i gotta tell you it was a real present pleasant conversation we sat around and rat with each other a little while talked him in the boys cool do you know was making a case for himself how he gets a bad rap sometimes and may some valid points you know not told him you listen you got my number i'm here just a phone call away there's a perspective you feel the need to provide i'm here to make sure you have an avenue to use that to do exactly that and i'm looking forward to talking about him and now i see this report.

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