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By the northward Bank robbery turns into a bloodbath. We have at least five victims speaker Pelosi says no state of the union speech until after the shutdown. Former Trump lawyer Cohen postpones house testimony, he should be forced to appear before congress. This is the CBS world. News roundup late edition, presented by Capital One. I'm Jim shanavie. What may have started as a Bank robbery attempt and see bring Florida turned into a shooting spree that left multiple dead. Police chief Carl Hoglund sorry to learn that we have at least five victims people who are senselessly murdered as a result of his act in this Bank. Correspondent Peter King. I'm Peter King. The only thing police are saying about the victims is that there were five people killed and they are still trying to identify them. They have identified a suspect to twenty one year old man named Zephirin Xaver who lives in ring. But as to what his motive is investigators, either don't know or they do know, but they aren't saying Governor Raimondo Santa's was in the area at the time of the banks shooting and traveled to the Bank calling for very swift and exacting Justice. President Trump sent a letter to house speaker Nancy Pelosi this morning saying he was looking forward to giving a state of the union address to a joint session of. Congress Tuesday night in the house chambers. But guess again, the house speaker today made it official in a letter to the president ANSI Pelosi said she won't call a joint session of congress to hear from the president next Tuesday. If the shutdown drags on the state of the union speech has been cancelled by Nancy Pelosi because she doesn't want to get the truth. President Trump calls the episode a great blotch on the country. He says he'll soon announce what he'll do in lieu of his speech to congress fouling a response to Pelosi in due course. Steven Portnoy, CBS news, the White House cycle Cohen. The president's former personal attorney was to testify before the house oversight committee two weeks from tomorrow. Now, he's postponed that testimony citing threats to his family from President Trump CBS's Paula Reed. Every time the president is asked about Michael Cohen when he responds to allegations that Michael Cohen makes publicly he will first of all call Michael Cohen Aligarh. But then he pivots to the family. He's trying to call attention. Specifically the. Attention of federal law enforcement to like Cohen's family inferring, some shady business dealings on the part of Coen family members, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley if the president and Giuliani were threatening Cohen, the special counsel would be all over it. You would expect a grand jury appearance by Giuliani and others to answer. For timid ating witness early thinks Cohen should be forced to testify on Wall Street. The Dow gained one hundred seventy one points. Now this brought to you by the Capital One venture card when you are an unlimited double miles on every purchase your next trip is closer than you think. What's in your wallet? A new trial.

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