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We have a ton to do. Meanwhile, let's get up and go with a bunch of. Notes round the NBA the pelicans picked up the team option on Alvin gentry's contract for next season. Tim, how do you see the new editions fitting into what Alvin gentry likes to do Mike? I think this is a really great move from the war liens now. They they're gonna wanna play uptempo facets Alvin gentry's MO goal time. And this team is frankly going to be one of those teams the lead watch you know with a bunch of young athletes. And obviously the addition design Williams on Thursday night with all the good stuff top stuff that happened there. It's good to see a good guy get a chance to coach under real circumstances there. Meanwhile get up and go to lamelo ball who when asked yesterday on the jump on ESPN he's going to play in the Australian National Basketball league next year. Another player RJ Hampton made that announcement on our show recently DJ, do you see more prospects going overseas rather than college? I think so until the NBA change the rule to where a kid can go from high school back to the NBA after his high school graduation. So look to see this trend. That's continue to I think that these guys will be an interesting test case this goes, well then maybe. It'd be gets others doing it if not then maybe it adds a few more questions. Meanwhile, we get up and go north of the border Toronto. They celebrated it look at that it's just a never ending sea of red an estimated million and a half hands hacking downtown Toronto for the raptors championship parade choline company, having a great time. Enjoying the festivities. I just want you to look around all of us data from here. He's moments of few and far between I want you to turn to somebody that you don't know, and I want you to get them a hug. I want you to tell them to threaten nations because we're from the greatest city in the world, and we are the NBA's 2019 champions at a world. Getting the last laugh, you know, the expression he will last last. Are definitely got the last laugh, by the way, classy, Golden State, Warriors took out a full page ad in yesterday's Toronto Star congratulating the rafters on winning their championship and bringing that title north of the border classy, move there again. By the words, you know, it's interesting to see why getting that last lap, there was here on this show that the Kevin Hart and this got a wound up being everywhere couldn't control himself, laughing at Kawais laugh, and I've always felt a little badly about them, and we didn't mean any arm, but it was funny and it sort of got out there..

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