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Did you watch the debate last night I watched it you may have heard my commentary on in this mostly I love I love some well this some of the Elizabeth Warren stunned that she just appear desperate to me if you just came across as too desperate but she talked about this billionaire who had been calling folks for space lesbians and then she said I'm not talking about Donald Trump I'm talking about this guy and it was Bloomberg anything on he didn't deny it he was is low energies Jeb bush this guy I don't understand it I mean they came out just all over him and he's not even on the ballot in Nevada war South Carolina yeah they got destroyed him they're trying to do so I don't know I think he did a much better job of destroying himself he was not very impressive I didn't think I'm I'm sitting there watching this guy then go okay yeah you you can do you can tell a lot of stuff that you've actually done as far as a businessman but all he did was apologize for supporting stop and frisk and that's basically it I mean the they ask about me Elizabeth Warren got some good shots in which he says will you release these women who have signed these non disclosure agreements and let them talk about what what their side of the story says look look these are agreements between consenting adults and no I'm not no they they are what they are and then Joe Biden's there's little women talk okay Joe Joe's I mean I'll just tell you Joe looked a little bit on the desperate side Elizabeth Warren looked on the desperate side Amy global char looked up main I mean should look is mean this Kamilla but she just looks like she will you we've heard all the stories from our staff you know this you just a first class which with a capital B. in that she's just impossible get along with and she's a power freak and all the rest of it and you saw some of that last night when it by would go on your on the attack on her she blow up I held dear you talk about me and so it was really interesting you know because these folks I'm telling in he booted judges impressive guy does have to say he's an experience but is an impressive guy he seemed to be the more reasonable of the crowd but even he is going to be all for this global warming agenda and redistributing wealth of the rest of the stuff by the way just see Bernie I told what I tell you yesterday this guy that was planting guns at the new jail in Nashville was a consultant for burning in twenty sixteen what I tell yesterday this guy I'm telling you he is a and T. for and that's the kind of folks who are supporting burn and I think the everybody's sports burnings and T. for but if your plan guns in a jail in your Bernie supporter chances are your anti for so that's going to come out I hope at some point and they need to just bust up that whole organization a terrorist organization and that they're trying to pass themselves off as anti fascist but they're pro communists is what they are but we'll get into all that too so what other Roger stone thing well here's the deal Roger stone gets forty months in jail he's not going to say he's not gonna serve a day in jail I don't thing and trump either got a part number is going to new trial and he should get a new trial but when this woman says that he was covering up for truck this is the judge in this thing let me grab the story of four stop that stop stop stop why is it they have the Star Tribune here we all sorts of pop ups name rings under the US District Court judge Amy Berman Jackson said stones crimes demanded a significant time behind bars but she said to the seven to nine years originally recommended by the justice department for excessive so the lawyers and ask for a sentence of probation citing his age of sixty seven years his health and his lack of criminal history instead he drew forty months Jackson also sentenced only two years of probation after his prison time and find them twenty thousand dollars now here's the interesting thing she's gonna be the same judge that decides whether gets a new trial why not decide that first and then do the sentencing I because I think she's out to try to being trump she thinks well we're gonna sentence one of trump's people and so and he is the the stone had no immediate reaction in court when Jackson announces sentence because he knows he's gonna be pardon later emerge for the courthouse to a crowd exchanging back and forth chance of lock him up and pardon Roger stone stone got into a black SUV without speaking to reporters engines are gonna huh now see I had this story earlier about the second paragraph is when this so they move this thing around now yeah okay company said covering up there it is they move this down the way down in the story now the judge angrily denied the stone was being punished for his politics or his allies he was not prosecuted as some of claimed for standing up for the president the judge says he was prosecuted for covering up for the president well what a cover up well some explain to me what Roger stone covered up for the press that's running there wasn't a crime that the president is because it is nothing to cover up what is she talking about well this is another reason why the dude needs a new trial the judges banner that juror I mean that foreman yeah the juror the foreman four person so anyway then they add on Roger stone will lose some other stories too I mean senator Lindsey Graham says trump has all the legal authority in the world apart Rogers don't I think you probably will trumps thing as I told you he's not going to pardon them at this time because I think he things like everybody else does that there's gonna be a new trial is probably gonna be exonerated and then that's going to be the end of it in the meantime back to the debate and I am I was shopping this at the TV last night when Susan I were watching this and there was a time when when they were choosing Bernie I think it was I think it was blue judge who is accusing burning yeah they were there one of burning circuits was going after union you know I think it was the culinary union is some because they didn't endorse him and so somebody had some nasty things they were the culinary union and then burning says I'm I'm just about a person well not a big I have nothing to do with it I can't control everybody and he says of the people work for me a good people they're good people I'm not just what change this country and so then there was some debate and and somebody says well did not all your people are good and and I shot of the TV I said how about the dude who shot Steve Scalise huh good people well now we find out the guys who's planning guns at the Nashville jail as a burning guy and Keith Ellison remember him former congressman he's now the Attorney General in Minnesota so he tweeted this out is a burning guy apparently he's as I have never seen Bernie Sanders supporters being unusually mean or rude can someone send me an example of a Bernie bro being banned also are we holding all candidates responsible for the behavior of some of their supporters Steve Scalise responded to his tweet and says well I can think of one the guy who shot me for crying out loud he's talking of course James Hodgkinson who opened fire on a practice for the congressional baseball game in Alexandria Virginia twenty six or twenty seventeen they lived in Illinois he posted hateful comments about the Republicans and president trump on social media and it was an outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter trump is a traitor he wrote trump is destroyed our democracy it's time to destroy trumping company and Scully's course being a trump supporter he got shot by this maniac before they killed him and so I am again I'm not saying that that your response from everybody who supports your campaign everybody admit but still we're starting to see a pattern of some of these for them tell you the anti for folks are all about Bernie that's why I had a hunch this guy yesterday we're talking about which by the way I saw those looking to this story actually broke over the weekend I didn't see until yesterday when when the sheriff at a press committed broke on Saturday actually it was interesting but this guy and planning guns and ammunition and a new jail to apparently stager prison Ryan a jail ride a live people you know killed brother jail guards are shares deputies or whatever and get out and make a big escape but this guy let me tell you about this guy hold on one second he's got this guy is well former consultant for Bernie Sanders Herman so here's what we know but this guy he's a big ad the good for Litton most everybody out of jail Alex Friedmann his name and the he has as he was he had some prison reform magazine that he was over and all this other stuff in he's just kind of like you know one of those crazy Bernie folks well he's a consultant for burning in twenty sixteen and they're just they're well there's so many other stories on this guy about what he was doing and what he's been involved in but basically he doesn't like prison he doesn't like private prisons in particular and I don't know the sheriff's jail is private I don't know what the deal is with it I would think that's a that's accounting county jail to share of runs but or whatever this guy is full on nuts I mean he's just a what is it the trump says stone cold crazy is with this guy it is just stone cold crazy note there were several stories around the day about this guy Alex Friedman and the publications he's been involved in and I was searching yesterday it was funny because I came across an Alex Friedmann hold on this thing I came across an Alex Friedmann who was in this year's semi active is kind of guy and I saw this this guy it was clean rather clean cut looking on as well I can't be him well Celebi AJ it's him and so here's the story on this do our own thing and huh yeah he's he's been a big criminal justice advocate is what they call a criminal justice advocate and he is will these big that I came of the publication he was but now but something about prison like prison daily or something like that he it was a put in this thing up and he's just completely not but burning these folks are vetting these crazy people I mean Bernice crazy as hell so I mean you know how you get the vet had is crazy that crazy and I'm just telling you the whole Democrat parties losses mind again right to nominate of flipping communists for the your nomination for the Democrat party which will forever change that party and not for the better this I can tell and as you'll it'll make Donald trump's job all the all the easier people to.

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