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Now to the internet Wow what a great spot tweets changes password so. He no longer has access to it Did you. Send the tweet di- did not send that tweet my system was hacked I was. Praying Donald Trump has tweeted out of once and. I'm. Starting to get worried about him so. We have a new tweet by tweet alert And her tweet is as follows back home after a lovely few. Days off enjoying US examples of democratic socialism like Acadia national park Cafe coops Definitely a top five best breakfast sandwiches I've. Ever had and then she has a little emoji of eggs frying on. A pan guess he's not. A vegan if she's, eating eggs then supporting worker owned. Businesses bonus spotted a Planned. Parenthood Helping people per usual And then there's a little emoji with a v for victory hand sign and a great big heart Sounds like just an unbelievably, fun vacation but by the way Acadia national park is one of the, most beautiful, spots on earth and. I have enjoyed camping there even in the driving rain which happened but no it Katie is beautiful it's it's if you've seen postcards are images, of the rock bound coast of Maine. With the pine trees. Coming right down on the rocky shores and the. Blue blue ocean right there that's Acadia national park and by the way she says it's democratic socialism The Rockefeller family was. Actually very involved yes right around, mount desert island In helping to Create Acadia national park and just as they were with grand Teton national park where I was this weekend And let me tell you she says she had a great weekend doing democratic socialism And she says cafe coops Does the food? Tastes better if is that while so many of the top rated restaurants in the. World are actually cafe co-ops I'm, not familiar with, cafe co-ops and she. Says supporting worker? Owned businesses you know what I'm sure worker owned. Business can do, very well But does that mean that a An owner owned business or a corporate business can't do well and provide even, useful services for Alexandria Cossio Cortez And Planned Parenthood is Planned Parenthood example of. Democratic socialism I don't understand that only in the, sense that it gets about a third of its money not, quite about thirty percent of. Its money from the government but that is not socialism what is socialism This is the, statement from the democratic socialists. Of New York We are socialist. Because we are opposed to an economy organized for private profit Okay just think for a moment what is wrong with private profit In. Other words if you're working, hard for yourself and your family Is that something that deserves up its opposition I don't understand We are socialist because we are opposed to an economy organized for private profit that produces gross inequalities of. Wealth and power Okay how can an economy That allows private profit that allows people to, benefit from their, own creativity their, own labor their own ability their own ability to organize other people and. To work with other people if you don't allow. People. To profit from that Then is that fair is that just in other words, that produces gross, inequalities of wealth, and power okay we have gross inequalities of wealth and power we always. Have throughout human history and the attempts to eliminate Gross inequalities of wealth and? Power. Don't mean more power for the downtrodden what. They mean is more poverty for everybody just check out Venezuela That's a current example. Or check out the entire history of the. Socialist slash communist experiment If you want to turbo charge Human progress, higher standard, of living. Better health more choice more liberty How do you do, that except through a, system that allows people, to succeed, and yes, to fail One eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six They say that capitalism Causes discrimination based. On race and sex Okay the worst discrimination based on race in this country's history was organized by government was, called segregation and it was deserted segregation not just defacto was just something that happened or that was. Quietly nobody who is with the, law it was the force. Of government the? Evil, force of government by the way yes organized and dreamed up People were, proud, Democrats at the time The statement from the democratic socialists, of New York goes on to say we are. Socialist because we want to work together To develop a concrete strategy for cheating that vision for achieving a transition to democratic socialism in America we believe that such a strategy must acknowledge the class structure of American society and that this class structure means. That there is a basic conflict of interest between those sectors with enormous economic power and the vast. Majority. Of the population. And we believe that only democratic movements and socialist parties can lead the, way to a better world okay their assumption here That there is a conflict of interest the tween big companies and the people. Who. Buy their products Or the people who work for those companies Is an absurdity in other? Words how how does it hurt the world if you start a company in your, garage called Microsoft or apple for that matter and all of a sudden you create this enormous wealth and make. Life easier for tons and tons of people this is one of those things that I think about from time to time I'm old enough to written books and published books Six of them before word processors existed And you have no idea trying to get a manuscript ready for public -ation when you can't go back and correct something you had to use whiteout you. Had, or just start typing the page again Or the ability right now it is a a. Life, giver I can't even, imagine people doing papers for high school or college without the ability to go back and do another draft without starting. Over again and having to type out every other paragraph again it's an amazing thing and this, was not created by government was not created by people holding hands and working together and singing the Internationale it was created by a business that was eager for profit and made a lot of it I just. Came, in fact from Silicon, Valley where I attended a wedding which was extraordinarily uplifting to me and it was my brother's wedding my brother Ben. And I wanna talk about that for a moment because I think that goes to the fact That that socialism Which is supposed to be a nice word now and, a hip word trendy word Really does need to be talked about more and understood in historical context we will get to that and much more coming up with. Your calls on the..

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