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Infrared and moaning the new book. That's going to any summers book dot com for more information on that but these forty five short stories now. When did you start writing. This book had a few of them just saw not only deliver. Something is really but back in two thousand twelve. I wrote save four and then maybe a couple more i showed in the people knew who is a great. What if you put them in a boat or something. Yeah should do and make notes. I love notes all ideas for stories and then somewhere around two thousand seventeen eighteen. You know i. I started reading on stage and they with going down the same that point us. Oh okay okay. I'm going to really do this. Subplot to sit down and be right. Say for a while and really get this roy and nowadays you know very disciplined and and you know we're way through the whole thing but you know it is a creative autistic process so is a law of revising rethinking coming back and forth. You know the reference them some research you know you have to really get into the job very seriously and these are also supposed to be kind of comic funny stories. You know And they want to hang together. You know the guitar being unifying shred through which always podium could move too shabby darren the in the news. I haven't read everything. And i'm not gonna i'm not going to be like all the other word he'll show hosts or tv. I read the whole book. It's amazing i've read most of man. Thank you i've earned and let me tell you some of it does lend itself. Because i was thinking. You've you've written multiple books before and some of them. One of them became a documentary. Can't stand losing you. Yeah so now. This actually become this thing. I think lends itself to kind of like an animated feel. It seems to me like kind of art house that now i'm having a few conversations i live in hollywood people. There is some talk about Yeah if that could that would be the on my wall to streams like you know because then i got made into a film to be really thrilled at. This turned around much somewhere because they read like little mini movies. Billy find somebody to do the soundtrack. I wonder if they can license the music from the beliefs. So yeah it is crazy. it's crazy. how many things in how like jack-of-all-trades that you are. You are a photographer. You were writer. You were the legendary guitarist. Who are i mean. Like everything really good level. I tried to dabble. I don't wanna be you know someone express something and then you go to take each saying whatever the genre to the to the to a great place you know. I mean it's it's serious work but It's better knowing i liked is off creatively driven. Suppose he's andy summers to sits on his ass or is that not possible. You one of the like is. I'm can't now we're saying just throw in the gray that that's what i'm saying. It's like perpetual motion. You gotta keep this shit you gotta do. You gotta make things happen. And i mean you're doing as me got some guys you have to have dry. I mean that's one thing. I i totally agree with you. That if you if you were doing it half as we have this model here on the show. We never do anything. Half as we're always whole asked because we we can't stop. Yeah we can't stop we. Don't i wanna do things. Like andy summers does billy. I wanna keep. I wanna make some movies. I wanna light some books. Why can't i do my phone my answer. I can't do that. it doesn't work. Like i can feel it coming well venues by the way we're talking summers guitars. Finally god bless. You could verma the coughing guitarist from the police who has a brand new book printed and moaning that you can get right now if you check it out gonna andy summers book dot com now. I heard this story. I gotta ask because i heard this through the grapevine a lot of rumor mills and everything else was there. Just tell me if there's actually happy were you on a plane in the emergency door opened on the plane almost fell out of a yeah. That's true that's a true story house. It was after we recorded. Synchronicity shane. We're on the caribbean island of a monster app. Yeah we took very funky prop plane from mancera to caracas venezuela. So it's a over. The caribbean to venezuela that product caribbean is known for hurricanes. You know yeah very dangerous so we will find about. I don't know if we were opposed to hurricane will be a about ten thousand we ocean and there was like three or four seats in the plane and the rest and the rest of it was empty without gear the pack. So it's not by a window. And i don't think that you've not seatbelts. And some of the wind up blew open right outside of me. Just blow out now window anymore. And you know everybody's hanging on to me. I sort of cruel. It to get low and cruel across the plane to get away from this howling wind took the plane was bucket saying and jumping all over the place. And then you know like we crossed the coast of venezuela and we look at data these sort of pinpoints with the top so the mountains and go. Oh my god you know we. We made it obviously and related to run. His wailing always got on the crown kneeling and praying crossing themselves. Yeah it was pretty. Yeah i two things. One holy shit number is airlines. Stink number two. How would how in the fuck did you ever take a plane. After that..

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