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I want to mention one. Thing that and it's very sad thing for me because I mean the ambassador McFaul was used in this kind of, in exchange I. Mean why Mr. Browder. Is yes he's a controversial figure it, probably has some dirt on Mr. McFaul. Is a great man I knew him personally edge, here in Vlad beamer Mr. Monfort. Wants, visit a famous prisons, here expecting the prisons conditions right in Russia he's a, great man a friend of our country of course has not really good relations with Mr Putin is seen, as sort of his personal enemy but I don't know Mr. McFaul For the country like the guy and I think he's a great man so looks, like all this. Bad things not really. Making good progress for countries trying to, make Mr Paul responsible or something we'll. Try to question a Russian prosecutor initially President Trump, that it was a great suggestion That President Putin would have the twelve. Indicted Russian government workers investigated in exchange for having this former US ambassador the interrogated by Russian government officials a former I. Say US ambassador because he's a British citizen and and and. Trump saying what a great You mean the guy Yeah Yeah Gotten is a different. Thing I, mean Browder guy is you've actually seen as a controversial, figure but let's, say you, know I mean, normally, yes those. Things we do have an agreement between the US and Russia on some certain crimes that needs to Putin has mentioned Don before former nuclear minister who set up a company during. President Clinton administration need your your your well being an minister in, Russia so and that time you have to him. Down but you, know because our countries do not trust each. Other that's actually a good idea for. Some for, example the US investigators with Mr Miller coming to Russia and talking to certain, people and you know what they do, far sort of like whatever suspected in meddling that'd be a good. Idea at least they can use it even against the use of. Smartly but let's say because countries do not trust each. Other, well you, know I. Wouldn't you. Know that's why that becomes a political agenda by bringing Mr. Mike Foale who has nothing to do do that. Conversation. Yeah back to your tour of. Ladimir they're outside of Moscow with your. Wife Alexander. Ski thanks for joining. Us Us. And we'll. Be talking again soon Yes I'm, inviting Americans, to come to Russia, in you know despite all the obstacles. It's a. Nice country. Country to visit all right thank you and you weren't too All right, thank you got it, as we pause for some of the. Other news. Unfolding on. This early Saturday morning Seven hundred sixty, WJR news, are meadowland rim WGN news time six thirty nine currently seventy degrees the FBI has recordings former Trump, attorney Michael Cohen. And one of them the president is reportedly heard talking to Cohen about payments. For former playboy playmate Karen McDougal correspondent Dana, bash says the president isn't the only one who was recorded by Cohen I. Was told in addition to Donald Trump there are recordings that the. FBI sees between Michael Cohen and other, significant people powerful people I'm told separate from and apart from the Trump. Orbit and. If you're heading outside this weekend the food and Drug administration has a warning about the so-called sunscreen pill it's bogus that's the bottom line and says the FDA about claims ranging, from sunburn prevention to protection against. Skin cancer. To reducing. Early skin. Aging made from companies that make the oral supplements advanced skin brightening formula Sunsafe Rx Salerii care and synergetic the FDA sent the companies warning that.

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