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Interesting. That's the biggest thing I'd title. Yeah riddle it's a it's a thrill it's almost a thriller. It's a horror thriller in a way. That's why it's called mystery horror film which I liked so much more because like you I said it's so engaging like You know cabin. The Woods is one of my favorite horror films of all times because of that. Yeah because it's you're thinking the whole time time and I hate the whole horror trope which this the whaling didn't follow either for the most part By the whole they they took the horrid trope in the you know put it. It's on it on its head And played into that intelligently so it wh- they still use the trope. They they were able to incorporate the trope into the film itself so didn't feel cheesy talking about the whaling ailing or cabin in the woods. Cabin the woods Kevin. Kelly was just not the only trump I would say or classic horror tropes hoped it would fall in to Is At points. You dislike screaming at the characters. You're you're don't do it you idiot but you're like stop up. Why are you doing this? I didn't find myself doing that much. So we got a couple of people play. We got got the COP break down for us. Sure I got a couple of names here. So we got the cop so we can Share level playing field We got the the old Japanese man. Japanese go We have to daughter is the daughter of the top We have just going to call her the the white dress girl. Swipe you know what I'm talking about the woman the the other. I'm looking out in the no name girl yeah. I don't think she has a name. She's called Moo Moo beyong movie on. Yeah of course. How could I for the she heard? Her name means no name in Korean. So that's no name girl. Yeah to cool the shamen. He was a big player missing man bun the monk. Dan He didn't he was kind of like a medieval bro. Yeah Yeah so we got these five people and I think they were the the biggest players. There's a lot of other people that jump in now but the only runner up I would bring is as the cops Partner Partner Yard. Yeah he's in there he when he's in their film he gets possessed something he got a or I see the end. I was confused. Yeah there's a lot of confusing shit that happens as rally one of them we were talking about mid mid Somare Last time and that was movie you know kind of ended like. Don't really feel any need to rewatch this. The whaling I would absolutely Louis rewatch again There's a lot of questions there's a lot of things and I don't know if I'll get any answers from them but at least I could point you certain scenes as evidence for why I think certain ways so engaged even watching through once. I wouldn't say that I'm confident. On even the plot of what happened. What in general But having an idea of the plot I think and then you know we watching. It would help a ton because you all I'm sure there's symbolism and connections There's a few that I noticed While watching but I'm sure you pick up so much more on those and you're like Oh that's what they're trying to tell me. I know I know these two who cares who have some connection. I'm going to pay extra close attention to see you know what what that means right. Yeah Yeah I think the first mystery solve is the plot. You're thinking about all right. What happens and then you jump next to the the images symbols symbols? What's the little specific details? And then maybe a jump to motivations and a lot of different ways to go about it but as far as the plot plot yes very confusing and I fell for things we can talk about it like Bait Hook and bait line nine Bayton Hook Bait Hook and line however that's lying goes on singer. Jeez Lane it's this cold. Hold the guy it's got me messed up man Where throughout the film? You're thinking will they. They all think the the Japanese Guy Devil he's the bad dude and over time mm-hmm they kind of think that he's not the bad guy in it. It's ending up being the the white dress girl. Who's the Evil Person Yup? And that's probably a time. Yellen at COP. There's a scene in the end. Were he's talking to her she's like. Don't go back to your house. I laid a trap. They're I always like get the f out of their man. Like you gotta go back. See All right the before we jump to that I think that might be the most crucial point of the film or one of the most. It's like meave like moment that I think they did a fantastic job on that but for me I did mentioned earlier that I was mad at the him when the monk was doing that ritual and he said whatever you do do not interrupt me Eh. If you interrupt me it's not gonNa work and everything's going to shit and then all on your hands and guess what the fucking guy did he interrupt. erupted him For really no reason. I'm just like are you kidding. Me I did not I always let your dumb Those dumb why'd you do that so do you. Think the the Shaman. That guy did he have good intentions intentions or bad intentions. Did they change. 'cause I went down a rabbit hole and yeah did you read discussions red discussions Russians. I read that Manning. What's yeah we can get into this but Refers to answer your question quickly. Yeah I think discussions aside my initial instinct is that he was well intended and and after a certain point in the film he was I intercepted might be the wrong word but he was taken over and possessed by the Japanese man which was on the day. Satan rainy interrupted right there right. It is the Japanese guy always is he. Is He the devil from the beginning Missouri. The I think he is okay. Yeah because the ritual almost kill them it did it did but then why was the white girl there watching while he was dying. I don't know the answers. The the the sequence of events that made me that made more sense to me. was that at the CIA shamans good in the beginning he seemed like a he seemed like a good guy he gets. I liked him. He was a bro. Yeah I like him a lot. I don't the other theory is that you know and that you see at the end. He's picking up the pictures that he was in cahoots with the Japanese guy but they had to get this guy from out of town. It wasn't like he was readily available. Like I don't understand how this would happen with everybody way. Like the Ma the MOM. What's your what's your point? Wait how are you explain. The pitchers explain the pitchers. The Pictures Guy. So I guess you can decide or the pictures a way of preventing people from being being possessed like the old man and the sham and they're they're preventing people from from being possessed. Because if you don't get the pictures okay. The one giving out truck doc. Came came back alive or creepy colts. Shit and that's what you just. Here's the beginning in. Here's the end. I I think this is. This is my theory. Yeah what's your theory Old Guy Old guy. He's possessed but he's not Satan at at the beginning he's possessed right. This is the kind of the Trans. He's upon of Satan. He's a pawn of Satan being played. Shit whatever yeah out You know so. He's a bad guy but he you know there's still some human to him. He ends up getting hit by a car and being killed at that point everything that was human in him is dead now. He's four on the fucking monster right and at that point you could argue is when now the possession now. Now that guy you know Satan is that being and now Someone else needs to be possessed and that that pointed film Navas Shamans possessed or possession begins right and now you see him. The possession is just progressing because of the end. He's doing the photo thing. The old man did the beginning similar to throw a whole a whole through bonus do it. I'm GonNa do it in and I but I actually don't think this should be taken seriously at all because it's not part of the movie ending his it's really it's really messed in the way I'm thinking too because so we got we got to explain it so sure come from so the ending the alternate ending is. I don't know a a couple of minutes scene where I don't think any dialogue takes.

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