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By RC and boost your Internet with a gig had experience better, visit astound dot com. Traffic and weather on the 8s married to Pompey's at the WTO traffic center watching the situation at the title basin. Indeed, Dan, but we got a couple updates before we get there. Baltimore Washington Parkway is slowing off of the beltway through greenbelt park and passing four ten. That is a report of a crash watch for police direction there is a line of traffic to get down to, say, crash. Now, our own John dolman sees on D.C. two 95 as you run southbound passing burrows before bending center of the roadway was blocked, a disabled vehicle, and we do know help was on the way. Now to the Southwest waterfront as Dan alluded to yes, congestion is the name of the game, both sides of the freeway, three 95 from Arlington, jammed across the 14th street bridge, folks thinking they will access the Southwest waterfront and east Potomac park also on the other side of the river George Washington Parkway to come inbound on the memorial bridge, independence avenue is virtually gridlock already from rock creek park and main avenue, both directions, especially heading inbound rebound. So a lot of volume already, constitution avenue, feeling the pain. We advise you if you're going to see the cherry blossoms, it's going to be nice weather in the next few days, consider metro, consider alternate modes of transportation, alternate parking, and using your feet, but if you try to drive that direction, pack your patients, it will be a long road and a long wait. In Virginia, things are moving well on your big roads, nothing reported on 95 from Fredericksburg through Springfield in three 95 all doing well, and we had the crash or disabled vehicle reported 66 at the interchange with four 95 so far, everything unfounded. And on the Maryland side, we had the wreck in a cut city route 100 west. It's the ramp to one O four one O 8, police were still marked on scene with that crash. This traffic report is being brought to you by audible, the best audible entertainment is audio entertainment is on audible. It's the home of storytelling audiobooks exclusive originals popular podcast and more. All in one app. Sign up for your free 30 day trial at audible dot com, Mary de pompadour traffic. WTO P meteorologist Chad Merrill. Gorgeous and to our weekend, we'll have lots of sunshine a little bit of a northwest breeze temperatures upper 60s, increasing clouds up for 40s overnight, expect some light rain on

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