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Talking about results hotel. Well, there's not going to be going. Stand that. But one talking about these the players and the morale and the feeling with he's trying. He's trying to strong arm tactics. But that's not that's normal. Yeah. That's normal. So yeah, it's not a bad thing. Yeah. Something's got to be careful who you. I think went completely the other way in the of thanked would be not releasing the statement like the Leon coach. Very statement. No. But you know, who's disciplined player himself. Listen. But a disciplinarian I would love to knew what it would have done if it'd be the Champions League here. Seek. It's a big game. It's a proper league on gay again, small say you big rivals in the league when it comes. Let's not right kit lose this game. In the sense, the fan PNG beat mall, say more than any other team in France. Bob, peach come off the bench already this season, which which to it's nothing new. Nobody was asleep dropped full of these game because he was late for a meeting. This is resting in. This isn't looking at head two other matches. This is because I said, I would I would do if the will of the will play an appropriate Champions League game with he's neg- is on the line told me to go hostile when a game. I would look to know what it does because I can assure you talk fish thing to do. When so many steps show, Elaine, and you've got a very important game coming up, you try if you're every single which we can discipline them with a hub on them, nor stateful ever whole job is league. That's exactly what you're doing. You have to find the balance between making sure somebody understands the Steptoe, Elaine. It's. Every single yourself because you've got a big into well, hopefully, because you've been able to do it in this scenario, then it won't come up in a big game and champion sleep. But you have to set a standard at some point. And and I do understand what tell me is doing and say, well, if he can happen to him, but if it can happen to rob you it can happen to all of you can happen to any of you. And so therefore there is a line of discipline that we cannot cross if you go past that line of discipline. Then it's something that we're going to take care of it. And we're going to handle, however, if it wear what you just said at home against Liverpool. Right. Both of them would have been too. Yeah. Although Shaam usually show the milk. I believe it will I've been next on five minutes. We don't know as their reaction because we went in there. It's one of two things either goal by rain. Or well, people are looking at fuss frustrated figure throughout the wool mounts and his time on the payoff over colorfully because in Bobby Schumer young and doesn't. He realizes biggest story is yet. But hopefully, he's thinking I'm I'm not that good in School school. but But. took tell Mr. cool Lovett, and where we had wouldn't. He was at Dortmund. We hydrophone extended a colleague talking about how he trains them with tennis bowl, shelter and all the nonsense is this..

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