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If you played until currency i'd be okay with it would be like the line because i mean if you're a retail store you've got people shopping in and out of the isles. What if someone has a toy and takes it to a different aisle and leaves it there we interest but then does the store then have to pay that fine. I mean how is this even police. Who's enforcing this. And this is all being taught in our schools to our kids. You know you mentioned the we. Were about rachel levine and the whole transgender thing. This is all being taught in the schools. Kids can go and get this stuff done. And i will say this just to expand on on on all of our previous conversations. Many over many of these years. I keep coming back to this. It's like we sit here. And we had these conversations about how inane this is and how poisonous it is a so much of it and the fact that is being talked directly to our kids at school and then we will go on the next break say opened up the schools. And it's like well. Maybe we should keep a close. The schools closed it was against a private school or any other place. Maybe under a bridge to be taught by lie homeless vagrants instead of these people. Because what they're doing is really dramatic less wimmer. Yes i i understand taking my tax money. Open up the dam schools. Yeah oh totally i mean. Look they should be open. It's a separate argument. But i think that yes. I agree conservatives. I think are missing a great opportunity here with these schools being closed and with people being so frustrated about them being close to say. Hey there are better options because not only. Are you pissed off at your schools. Not open and your kids are with you because they have to stay home and have nowhere to go but in addition to that when they go to the school they're going to teach them poison. Yeah so i mean we really need to make a. I think a bigger issue about trying to figure out ways even for people who can't afford it will be able to take their kids out of these schools. Learn from seeing people occasionally. Yes yeah homeschool. Year children i did. I'm really really busy. And i still find time You gotta find the right curriculum. I can promise you it is out there all right. We've got more to come. I want to thank our sponsor bambi if you are a small business owner entrepreneur You probably know this already but hr issues can just like totally decimate your entire business You've got wrongful termination suits that you could be liable for. You've got minimum wage requirements to remember which by the way we are going to get into After the break minimum wage and labor regulations that. You're not you're not. You can't remember that that's not your expertise says an hr manager salaries seventy thousand dollars a year. And that's a lot of money so bambi be a. M b e created specifically for you the small business owner. You will get a dedicated. Hr manager who can maintain our compliance. They can build your hr policy. They can do it all for ninety nine dollars a month. This is a steel that you were going to get from bambi. You're going to get a dedicated. Hr manager who is available like by phone email real time chat however you want to contact them.

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