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This has been a week dominated by Russian headlines at all started with this reporting Washington Post on Sunday, and we quote Russians interacted with at least fourteen Trump associates during the campaign and transition. They range from close family members to high ranking campaign officials there they all are and future high level administration staff here with us tonight to talk about all of it. Malcolm. Nance a veteran of naval intelligence special ops. Homeland security thirty five years working in counterterrorism who wrote the book on this topic. It is called the plot to destroy democracy. How Putin and his spies are undermining America and dismantling the west also were happy to welcome back. Jack barsky back to the broadcast of former KGB spy during the Cold War era. He cooperated with the FBI. He is now an American citizen. He wrote the book deep uncut undercover my secret life and tangled allegiances as a cage. Spy in America. So Jack of the three of us. You're the only former KGB spy in this conversation. Does does a number like fourteen does that leave coincidence behind and become actual coordination in your mind? Who thought we were such an easy, Mark? It's it's clearly a pattern. But you know, you can't you can't go to the next step and say that had to have been coordination. The Trump organization was a very inviting target because of the types of individuals. You you found in there as we know now, it is a lot of shady characters that have been part of it or are still part of it. Donald Trump himself. Has been skirting around the edges of the law to our entire career. And and there's a phenomenal hubris arrogance and ignorance in this organization, so they made it for really really inviting target clearly the same effort was not visible around Clinton because I think, you know, the Clinton organization was a whole lot more professional about how they how how they behave themselves. So so it was easy. It was very inviting. So Malcolm back, then it was the Trump campaign now, it's the leadership structure and the country. You wore the uniform of and fought for overseas. How do you view those fourteen individuals? Well, I take a holistic view of this first off they are fourteen individual contacts in various times various locations with various people, but there's one consistency with all fourteen of these people and Jack has a really good point about how they were an inviting target. You know because based on their characteristics, which one of Jackson partners old friends Yeary biz men off would say, these are people who are narcissistic self centered and greedy. And that's what made them targets. And that consistent point is every one of them lied to cover up their tracks related to their contacts with Russia that may not necessarily mean that they have a coordinated campaign. Although I believe they do I think that whatever the ultimate goal out. There was which is always money it superseded, their belief in loyalty to this country to the point where at some point where they were officially asked about their contacts with Russia, their prospects of gaining something from Russia, certainly allowed them to feel that they should lie about it as opposed to come clean and telling the truth. Wow. This fascinates. Stuff troubling stuff. Fascinating both gentlemen ago. Stay with us as we fit in a break. And when we come back, we're going to talk about this red haired handgun enthusiasts from Russia who's been running around this country, making friends of Republicans. She's now working with the feds. We'll talk about her life in America after this..

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