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It's Buck Sexton on 7 10 W O R. I'm not the only one who's Curious about this in the media. That's the good news. I've been going after the cove. It lies harder than almost anybody. There are a few others who have been really strong on this one. But Rick Santelli Speaking of the tea party, That's the guy who's got the tea party started. Remember that it's from his rant. That's however, got the idea of the tea party. This guy Rick Santelli, CNBC here he is having the classic exchange. Of this moment where it's smug, elitist, wealthy Live who can stay at home have door dashing who take the edge off the day? He doesn't have to worry about anything, and he doesn't want the peasants getting all uppity about how they're small businesses are being ruined, or they can't see any of their elderly relatives. This This holiday season. You know if people understood what the death data was year in and year out In this country. How many people are dying, Especially in a certain age group all the time. They might feel a little differently about saying sorry. Nine months, 10 months, 18 months of your life not allowed to see people. Too dangerous. You know, if you're 97 you want to see your loved ones. I think you should be able to. I don't think you should be told just six more months. But here's here's Santelli play. It can't tell me that shutting down, which is the easiest answer is necessarily the only answer. Rick. I just just isn't as a a public health and public service announcement for the audience. Difference between the big box retailer Is this difference between it and the Angels? Different difference between a big box retailer hold on the difference between a big box retailer and a restaurant. Or, frankly, even a church are so different. It's unbelievable. Always pre tell you where I disagree. You're where you can have your thoughts, and I would have liked to wear a mask disagree. Science. I'm sorry. It's science. If you wear that mask, it's a different story. 100. People in the lows aren't any safer than 150. People in restaurants that holds 600. I don't believe it. Sorry. Don't believe that you're living area where a lot of restaurants that have fought back And they don't have any problems and the rope, okay, You don't have to believe it. But let me just say this. You're doing a disservice to the viewer because the viewers need to understand that the viewer you are You are. This is that smug Lib. It's science. It's as if he knows anything about science, and this is actually public policy. This isn't science. If it were science, as in, there's a right answer and a wrong answer. They would have gotten the answer, right? Don't you think? Somehow they haven't as anyone can observe for themselves. All this stuff we've been doing all these preparations all the old wear your mask mask it between bites mask indoors for dining outdoors for dining. All this stuff we've been doing. Has not worked. That is obvious. And I must give up this right now. I am getting attacked online by the social media companies now for saying things like that that the policy has not worked one. I'm right, and that's obvious and two that is an opinion about a public and political concern. That's not a fact Checkable thing, but they treated as a fact check. So they consent, sir, so that idiots like it's science guy can keep on going around thinking that they're not in Brussels who are the enemies of free speech and the free exercise of ideas and your freedom as an individual? What does it mean to be a fact checker when Social media these days is citing tweets, even from the president as needing a fact check? The propaganda machine friends. I'll explain what a threat this is to our country. Next on 7 10 WR. Hello,.

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