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I think he falls to the early second round the warriors who've the warriors to maybe packaged there. Too late second round picks the try to move up in the early second round and taking him And and because. I think i think he's incredibly skilled. I just think he needs to be put in a situation where he's playing meaningful minutes against high level competition Again any of these people if we reviewed it from the right prison if the idea is let's just get them in the organizations that they have the riots and then see what ultimately play out. I like the concept a lot and to borrow your phrase especially considering. The russia concerns with this go. Sounds like a good solution. Yes so those are. Those are just a couple of the pencil overseas the stash option which i had like this would be about really going to blow your socks off and by the way i prepared but i don't have a guy at only see you burn is do you i i kinda i kinda sweet asaba actually right before we went on zoom here and said this is what we're going to talk about russia really give you an opportunity to prepare. I know you are an over preparer. So i really appreciation and in fairness to you had you given miano six weeks to prepare for the second round draft picks lawyers could have had in this draft. I still probably would have been able to pull those two name. So there's a reason you're the reporter and it was good information but there's also going to be a lot of guys available in around beer like i said earlier were productive three or four year. College players That i think could slide into an nba rotation as a rookie And i you know guys who were productive in college in in have you know. Nba level skills already And i think that the warriors could could use this potentially to plug a couple of holes They don't have like a true backup. Point guard right now Acai bowman to me is not like a true backup point guard. I know that they believe more in like the secondary ball handler thing. They don't believe you really need a true quote unquote backup point guard. But if they if they wanted to have that on the roster a.

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