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But i don't want to comment on the book itself deal dill one reads it um but they do come back to your question what will happen item no but but we can can we know oscar whoever commissions is can absolutely rely on trump himself turning it into a massive apps so by by complaining about why the ratings will go legally i mean he's boob he's going to boost his lawyers to two yunhu bannet or something like that and which will just inc lied more and more coo's it i mean this is this is is a brilliant younis madefortelevision precisely because of the act will see tuition in the white house were as as you suggested we don't know which one is the real thing and which one is the comedy well on allnutt philosophical quandary vote does bring us to the end of today's show some about the borrow oscar fought the older rivera thank you both very much for joining us up midori house today show was produced by been role in research by guy looks and james kitchen s judy manage it was david stevens there's more music next at nineteen hundred it's the urban est une back with more on the day's main stories on the a twenty two hundred meduri house returns sime tom tomorrow 1800 london i mentioned will look thanks for listening the the perfect that hey.

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