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Take a look at the data not gonNA call it a bomb. If She's bound the Guy Dad take off the chains and we'll talk and she got mad to dead body. What's what trays the Asia J? You catch that fucking scattered I. It's a skeleton. I don't WanNa make you kiss a Scott gale bad alright but instead they go they come out and like you know. Mike's very nervous. What what are we GONNA do? Anything doubt fuck can't worry about it and he starts lighting these dudes up with minds in all sorts share. Dude he's just yanking these chains hanes and these lines of explosives are going up. I think it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen a deer hidden fees. It's like world worth it. Yeah it's it's a bit stupid. It's a bit but it is stupid but it's really cool. It reminds you very much of the hard target bit with a Wilford privileged. Ah Do fucking lighting up that building. Yeah so that's what I mean like this whole team is more or less taken out like Dr Butler is getting a couple of them. He's definitely differently like stabbing some dudes in the throat it. There's no neck breaks that this would be as far as I was keeping an eye out for on a single one. Matter of fact I thought there was going to beat. There's one point where he's fighting with somebody and I was like finally is GonNa break this dudes neck and he does classical. He's not neck breaker. He's more of a knife her. Yeah he doesn't he's not shooting and you likes to shoot how we come up with breaking next with Gerard Butler. That was yeah breaks neck in just in his personal life. He just prefers I guns and knives and he'll do mega merger if you got to say about these explosions it's this this scene and the drone seen before it peop- I mean even even though succeed Gi mostly but they've got fucked wire work. These guys are going up in the air. Yes this height on these explosions which I really appreciate it. And Margo Martindale definitely absolutely no. This has happened on the other Holler. You're hearing her before she committed suicide by drinking. Insiders you making our Apapa. Gotcha got cad- police. Now I gotTa leave the House. That's my my favorite line. Perhaps perhaps ever in the history of time my fucking now dude. I WanNa Watch my fucking mountain with Nick Nolte Yup. It's it's like seven brides for seven brothers. It's one hundred eighty minutes of nick. Nolte talk to him so go to it. I go to like I wanNA fucking mountain. Oh l. here on entire Mountain Creek. You want this amount of explosives to yeah okay. Yeah I might not rid the mall to explode Eh. Explosives came with the shack. When he bought you see Gotcha and you might not set it up like a pee? Wee's playhouse type thing where you're just yanking these ropes from exposure. The Secret Wide West Virginia right huddled should connect to like a coal uh-huh. I'm Jami should be in the middle. When he goes the light off that first one I believe what he says all ball young? Yeah the pulls the thing then like he's trying to get drug Butler deponent's where do I do it like. Where's the court or whatever Nick Nolte responses under that pile of leaves leaves obviously Braford nothing but piles of.

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