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You're you're some guy who sells your blacksmith in 1820 somebody says do you want to buy stock and railroad you're like what good does that do me stock in some random company doesn't exist why would i want that and so like but what happened was the modern corporation emerged and it drove the standard of living of humanity thirteen fold from the year 1820 2000 the richest man in american eighteen seventy was cornelius vanderbilt he didn't at flushing toilets he didn't have running water he did have electricity you can have all those three things now and be defined as pour it so i look at it and i'm like people say capitalism is screwed up i'm like what are you talking about like i'm like it's a free can miracle it's like it in 1800 you had to work one hour to get six minutes of reading light today you work one hour you get three hundred days of reading light it's a miracle and and you know there's a lot of stuff that is wrong with how people are practicing capitalism but free trade and voluntary you know i have this to offer you have that offer we get to trade without somebody interferon that's not the problem that's not probably have well what i think is happening today this were blocked chain gets him here it a little texas sorry for this show i believe that block that block chain and things like it and and moore's law metcalfe's law or the fundamental animating forces of while at called network capitalism and i believe that some day value is going to be created not by creating a large company we have a lot of employees worked for you and produce a lot of stuff but it's dead it's going to be the people who create and curate offered find networks and i think that tesla is a software network defined car company i think that apple was a software network defined phone company nokia thought they sell widgets apple thought no we sell sell softwaredefined find phone the bit between tesla in gm has nothing to do with who selling more cars it's that will tesla figure out manufacturing faster than gm figures out how to be software never capitalist company right so so like okay now back to block chain.

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