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He's had the line over underlying point point five show. It's either going to be zero or one or more, I'm gonna take the over because I think that either PJ lock or askew, Henry from West Virginia. Both are at a position of need in terms of safety and special teams guys. I like both of them. I think one of those two makes fifty I'm gonna say over. I think one Brian, what do you think I'm sing over as well. I agree with those two safeties one of them should make it because of the depth of the defensive line ago like Chris Nelson from Texas could definitely make this team over a guy like the shade tree Daniel mccutchen, even though he signed a two thousand twenty say the shade tree. Not. Oh, okay. Brothers. It's. You know what I, I recognize that I, I need to go back in my article that I just wrote because I might. Check out in fact, editor it's really running tomorrow. Jeff do your job. Check that out for I. I will. So master, right. We just talked about him. He's got got an opportunity. Here's another guy that it's, it's probably less likely. But I loved Dr skipper from the university of Toledo, he would have to beat up beat out his old rocket teammate Ola Denny. I believe it's then he Dave. Denny. But skippers monster and he has ability to find the quarterback. But speaking of quarterbacks I am not ruling out that the Devlin Hodges is just a camp body. I really think that this guy, the all time leader, FCS passing in just a fantastic player in FCS could come in and get that, number three job from guy like. Josh dobbs. I I really love what I see from Hodges just from his career in college, and what he can do. So the answer a long winded over. Okay. I wanna say this. A good one. I do believe that the Steelers would not cut Joshua Dobbs much like the land Landry Jones. I think that would have to be a trade situation before they were going to move on there. I could see them using stat trying to stash another quarterback on the practice squad as a possibility, which I'm going to a quick, follow question this, and before I go to the next one, give me a number, I've already got mine, now undrafted rookie free agents. Now, this is the rookie, this isn't the af guides or anything like that undrafted rookie free agents that the Steelers currently have that you think will make the Steelers practice squad. Say that again, how many of the undrafted rookie free agents is that what we just did. No, no, fifty three. Okay. How many gimme a number of what do you think will make the practice squad over under just give me a number of what you think? I'll tell you my, I'm with five four five I will say, I think five of those guys that they signed, and after many camp or after commend campaign, the rookies that weren't drafted. I think I think five of them could make can make eleven spots on the practice squad. Jeff say six the weird thing about this fellows is the fact that last year we had a good bit signed to the practice squad in past years. You've seen a complete turnaround from from. Undrafted and brought in went through the entire camp. And the entire the entire practice was made up of nobody knew. And I think back to two thousand. From other with fits, Tucson, coming in and all those guys coming in and everybody else was gone. In fact. Guys. When you go and four in the pre season that makes you not want to keep some of those guys..

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