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Only two surviving rivonia trialists woah woah i mean a couple of seem at eighty four years old dennis is face still shines with youth and enthusiasm but when he talks about his time spent in jail of my greatuncle his tony samba they moved back to prison as we sold rum as in hannah bra oil and these pentecost talk and then lay heard that rahm would be niger clean tartu toothbrush anything to try and humiliate wrong for them brown was the ultimate traitor romme's the object conner could have been prime minister president anything and he turned against his own people so that hatred hit literally i told him brahms illtreatment continued even after he got cancer without proper care it was dennis who took up the task of looking after him before he died in the end you aside alive type could pick him up out of bed and put him on a tori lee battle to get him looked off the property the lack of compassion lacquer i find it hard to talk about your hadden the few a lot of comrades for whom i have the greatest respect at one or two who i can say with my best friends as weather's comrades and for brahma i can say as optin here's such an influence on the order of us such are here uh there's a clash nison of bond uh uh simpson duband on saturday adds that this relationship that you have through you'll family with him lead you to make the stock humane tree thanks to ask him each choke thank you finally on this point evidence will denied the allegation made in the state's case listening to the tapes hearing broadening court i'm able to transport myself back to a time before my great uncles life was swept by tragedy was being the elite coach com deliberates was gentler times in his voice i find some sense of a man whose dedication and total sacrifice i've always tried to fully comprehend the reason which lead these men to resort to sabotage in an effect to achieve their political objectives it is clear roms quiet moral authority and see intelligence help to avoid the death penalty for the accused moral authority something which can also be had in the testimony the trialists manner the denying us owners and from only at orlando west 100 this is earliest motsoaledi speaking from the dock i've grow the.

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