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Tone it was the knowing cold full of the contempt of the calculator feels for those who don't play the odds it was the voice of the Inky Fan. The Yankees have won the American League pennant twenty times in the last thirty years, they have been the world's. Champion Sixteen Times in that period over the years, many of their followers have come to watch them with the solidity, the smugness and the arrogance of the holders of large blocks of blue chip stocks. These fans expect no less than perfection Cooley except the late inning rally the winning homer as only there do are up to take defeat with us and they their stars they were executives hired to protect. Their interests during a slump, we're losing streak these capitalist or quicken shrill with their complaints they ought to do damn well better than this considering what they are being paid. Suddenly, the mets fans made sense to me what we were witnessing precisely. The opposite of the kind of rooting that goes on across the river. This was the losing chair gallant yell for good try antimatter to the sounds of. Yankee Stadium this was the new recognition that perfection is admirable but a trifle human and that a stumbling kind of semi success can be much more warming. Most of all. Perhaps these excellent yells for the mets Roseau yells for ourselves and came from a rise self have understood recognition that there is more than Yankee in every one of us I knew for whom the foghorn blue it blue for me. And I don't know and twenty twenty that feels particularly apt but the sweat I mean like the description of that, as you said, Ben took an interesting turn to compare it to members of a board capitalists who are. Trying to eke out value from the Yankees in the human side of mets fans were were a bunch of trump's to sue. They are are jumps. I don't know it's just a very warming is a is a word he used in different contexts, but that's kind of the character takes for me. I remember that section because I read the summer game in late twenty. Sixteen and I was writing a piece for ESPN, the magazine, and because of the this experience I, have the exact opposite experience that Ben has where he just picks up. Roger Angell to get the blood flowing I can't really read Roger Angell in less I'm like on vacation because I just want to copy down every paragraph and then insert it somehow into whatever article I'm working on. Any page has a sentence that applies to the. Article, you're working on and at the time I I, think I actually wrote down a bunch of that section because this was about the difference between the experience of being happy for a team that is winning versus a team that is losing and I ended up submitting a first draft of that article that had like twelve Roger. Way Too many Roger Angels, votes, and they. Had to do a very different second draft because they were like well, we don't actually want a with twelve Roger Angell close and so I think I ended up getting one in which was about the nineteen, sixty, two giants winning the world series. He wrote if they had one, they didn't win. He said if they had won, it will cause San Franciscans to discover for themselves. The gloomy truth total triumph is unsettling for introverts can taste in it the thrilling debilitating and ultimate leave fatal virus of future defeat. So. Yeah I mean yeah he is too good to read basic. Yes. I. wrote a piece for the ringer about catchers and some under appreciated aspects of catching a few years ago and so I used in the fire as a framing device sort of an inserted a few quotes here and there but you have to be careful about quoting angel pill. Make you look that? He. It will make it very clear that you are not. Really. If you are quoting to literally too liberally. So you have to use him in moderation. So I think I've caught myself wandering a few times this season what he has made of all of this, the strange pandemic baseball and the pandemic in general because it's rare that you can say that there's something happening in baseball that Roger Angell hasn't seen but I think we can say that the summer and so I am very curious about his observations and I. Hope that we will one day get to hear or read them. But I think most writers may be have inferiority complex scissor or feel some imposter syndrome and maybe sports raiders especially just because some people tend to look down on sport says A frivolous pursuits and the people who cover it as ink-stained wretches more so than literary artists but I think that's one of the reasons why we all look up to angel. He really kind of classes up the joint because Roger Angell wrote about baseball. So it's sort of justifies our choices as well. So we're so happy to have had him off this time and to have him now and like Angel I guess we will get out of the way and what other people talk I put out a call to a bunch of baseball writers over the past couple of weeks and solicited little tributes whatever they wanted to say what influence he's had on them a personal interaction, favourite piece of theirs and. Many. Of them had something to say so I will play this collection of clips in alphabetical order from Lindsay Adler to holly went I've also gotten this episode transcribed so that these testimonials will be more accessible check out our show page for a link to the transcript and Roger from the three of us and from the thirty plus people you're about to hear thank you for everything and happy birthday. Brat. This is the. Yankees beat writer for the athletic..

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