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In your your listings of your guy here your list is flawed that cuts of player Cormac is number one is number three so defensive player my guy defense supply yeah you were you were looking up for you you love them before he was even drafted all ironed out yeah Erin down there Donald is number one how to university of Pittsburgh mall homes is true Leo mac is three Tom Brady is for the Andre Hopkins five five games Rogers Rogers six Julio Jones seven von Miller eight Russell Wilson nine to Michael Thomas Russell Wilson nine I little bit flawed I I have another when you're running backs up in there a little bit six one twelve yeah I do have sick one injuries okay let me get your thoughts no corners your first quarter first corner back a CJD what's fourteen on the phone first corner back got a couple linebackers not too far already if I gotta wait this Larson cornerback is number twenty four overall Jaylen Ramsey of the Jacksonville shot hopefully plays better this year that's trouble for you hoping plays better this year how's your quarterback over there you know they're going to make a decision on at the end of this year on who makes Stravinsky your quarterback of their little goggles they don't have to make a decision after the after this year they do have to make a decision on the fifth year they'll pick up the fifth year automatic I would say it's automatic automatic unless there's a catastrophic injury interesting to automat what if he plays Portland I still think they'll pick up the fifth year option now if he has a good year then they're probably going to sign him to a big extension after this season what do you consider a good year I would probably tell you he's got a throw at least twenty eight touchdowns twenty eight touchdowns rooms at the Barlow okay go ahead and not throw any more then twelve picks okay a little bit over two to one ratio than all right anything they're automatically picking that up I would be I don't see a scenario unless there was a catastrophic injuries we have four thousand yards at least I think I said to Chris thirty eight hundred so not even four grand he might I'm I'm just asking what your parameters are to pick this thing up Peter thirty two last year right I didn't play two games did fourteen games right correct so if you played the way he played last year which was okay he'd be at thirty eight hundred yeah well you'd be shorted thirty eighty be about thirty six thirty seven under correct interesting correct I think he's the I I think you need to be a little bit better I do too I think I know none of them come to better than your stats that your projected for what you asked me I'm just giving you a floor that he has a hit what do my prediction was my floors higher than your floors what I'm trying to tell you yeah Chris what was in I do you guys I think I predicted for him thirty three touchdowns to twelve interceptions I think that was my projection and you don't care about the arts thirty eight to four thousand somewhere in there I'm is saying it's a little bit there's a concern the bears are concerned about their quarterback in his development and he needs to play better better than last year and from there that first year the second year needs to be as big of a problem second and third year a great now when I say there's concern yeah there's concern as that someone telling you that or is that your take away no that's just me talk to my NFL people there's concerns they're concerned about their quarterback and his ability to get things done yep then and the only guy that can answer from him our main Stravinsky correct and he's got a coach that's going to spoon feed them as much as he can to get him there so you've got two good factors heading in your direction so hopefully they can find a way to get it done and I'm Tania there's not a person in the city of Chicago not one individual that is not sharing for Mr Mr to make it happen so in the coming year because show is squarely behind him the higher percent but he needs to get his head out of his **** sometime we've got laid better we we deserve his game though here what's the weakness of his game yeah his abilities in the market not dance like Fred Astaire he's he's in order of any right calm down okay listen the minute you say that date of strength of a quarterback is not his ability to run the running back okay it's not a string for a quarterback his ability to run is not a straight what that is is a detriment to him he needs to get that out of his mind he needs to be able to find his receivers any needs to be able go through his reach and a lot of that happens before the steps even happen okay if you don't have the mental aspect of the quarterback position down that's when you've got problems so what he has to do is he has to become comfortable with the game and learn to be able to read defenses what's his weakness there it is sure in the pocket he needs to be able to stand in the park and throw and not dance the dance of death the devils okay I want to see your feet there from all over the place to grab it on your pant leg and having to get the hell out of the pocket would you call it straight which is an absolute detriment to the development of a quarterback it's not a strength you heard it here first you're welcome rice we said your degree we got a talk you what do you say read the whatever he said was dismissed only shows you that violence with the Joe is a prime time for the week yeah next segment and I want to get your clothes take on Eddie Nero so was it click on top of that and in the mean at one o'clock I'm cap in for call arm he's York we'll be right back Hey guys see.

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