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Thursday. When it comes to air travel. It's time we elevate our expectations elevate our dining experiences and elevate our standard of comfort when you fly. An a you can enjoy five star gastronomy inspired by renowned chefs hundred eighty degree fully flatbeds and a world class cabin crew with forty five destinations to choose from. You could experience every kind of Japan. No wonder is Japan's largest five star airline and was rated two thousand eighteen airline of the year. Fly this is Japan. Elevated certain features limited to I am business-class play. Hello. This is John Mendez here. We do more music away. Are you ready for it? Oh, yeah. You're listening to one or two point seven big number one hit music station. Oarsmen was enough. She's a. The bird. Bima? Watch. Me here. Your take. Love your. Seventeen. Everything. Series. Got this. Friends. Through the keys. Sorry. In the backs Jason. Maybe I just saved. Any? Me sing. Case studies. Sign. Jason unite son. She's. John. Oh. Spine. Now is. Cool. Jonah make. Fining. Nine. Six forty five. Maybe maybe much for the last. I'm john..

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