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Racing director and. The most respected drek super in the in the game. That that's your. That's your starting point. So from there everything else that contributes you have to do exactly what was done in New York and. Effect real changes that address the issue as opposed to. Column b the Chinese menu of of reforms, quote unquote that are. You know being being thrown out there to create havoc. And that's exactly what they've done as opposed to coming at this with a the same rational. Why is this happening? And how did you know, what were the factors and how do we stop it? Instead, you know, you've got. You've got something that feels like it. It's. Just out of control and has no. You know has no rational direction just. Lots of. Lots of sound and fury. And that's why there's been any number. I think of very measured and. And highly appreciated. Presentations, including yesterday, what if you've been listening straight through from the replay, you you have to be still. Off wrinkly of Nick, lachey, and and his. Remarkable ability to. Layout. Series of thoughts that that. Comprised the response to. This situation, and and in particular, the from the animal welfare side of things. And I couldn't have been more. More pleased to have been able to get Nick on. And in addition to the you know, the do by recap. He had. He tweeted on Saturday that. I think Theresa Genero had. Tweeted a Peter. Soundbite or quote, and Nick. Riffed off of that. And so that's why that's why I brought that up, and he he was obviously, you could tell you thought about it extensively as he said the last couple of weeks and. Heard from so many people that. Appreciated? Dick's. Salient points similarly, J Humpty if you and I tweeted Jay's link the link to Jay's column he talks about the. The whip us and he brought Trevor Denman to the table because Trevor Denman has been warning about it for thirty years. And was viewed as a as a as a heretic when he when he first started talking about it that it was a lightning. Rod would be a lightning rod. So there have been there have been some sage profits on on a lot of these topics. But the Jay Jay's always got a calm and. Soothing. Way of of delivering messages. I I I don't want to acquaint it to Mary Poppins. Although I think I think. If I'm not mistaken, I think their daughter Julian and Jay's daughter may have may have been in Mary Poppins at summer. I think as it happened. The the rest of the morning, Brandon Walsh. Back from Dubai and the UAE derby victory for plus get Marseille one a here from Brendon Andy surly, our to they'll draw the Wood Memorial card tomorrow. And the wood is the would it'll be it'll be great. The bayshore. Is going to be tremendous Lucho. Mind control. Call paul. And now. Much better for Baffert Baffert is only sending one. That's man, not coming both been considered for either or the Bayshore and the wood and Baffert f- yesterday's workouts. All things go for game winner, but less happy it seems with Desmond. And so he's going to hold back with somebody's not sure what he's going to do next but much better will come for the sprint. And I'm wondering because there's a plane, obviously, if that's going to help Jeff Bondi. Ship sparky Bill because he wanted to come for the Bayshore. And if if sparky they'll shows up. The Bayshore war that that'll be unbelievable still about I think nine for the the Wood Memorial. And we still we also have to talk about. Got to talk about. Ben glasses terrific. Visit. I hope a lot of you appreciated is some some of the backstory on maximum security. And the dam that they basically gave away and and the stallion that they. That they shipped off Brazil take a quick break back after.

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