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Yeah and how would you say Also networking how much how big a part does networking play. Because we're coming from finance right and then like from like seo and they'll tell you that go out for coffees. Mets people linked in bubalo blah like similar I know it from the envelope tech and finance. But i think the me. I've found that nobody has has been in by has been really important even mike security internships etc so the whole idea of like connecting your recruiters only ten. I think it's true. That committee should A now that was basically house able to get my my summer internship was just by meeting a recruits on making making my position. I mean only ten i. yeah. I really everything. it Sectors like networking. It will help you gone sex in. I think can you yeah. Hundred percent hundred percent I was lucky. Dodge submitted my application and what things applications blind like a catalogue rejections but whenever i'm networked for something they can it can genuinely get you to the interview stage usually from there you have to rest and i remember. I even went to an seo event for from and then the next summer. When i was applying they called me from 'cause they remember me what people from the event and they started asking us to apply for positions. I won't even on their website so we've out networking. You would never even seen that so. Yeah impulse us crazy. That's crazy because it's the same for finance go feels like after do a lot because like a lot and i think it's a do this applications in general like people kind of try to make. It seem like a step by step process. They have to do this to get this. Do this to get this to then when you see someone that just said. Oh my supplied on the deadline. It makes you feel a type of way because you feel like you've worked for it. You will be like some people who they'll have like a alike. Md's they have uncouth in a bank and then you're kind of getting easier. Yeah but sometimes they just get in to just like oh they're just light your cv or you just stumbled across the now. You have an interview.

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