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Won't come back. Astrologer learner with us, Mark. How do you look at someone's future astrologically speaking? How does that unfold? Well, what happens is, as long as we know the birth time, which is which is important. I mean in for tonight, we did the best we can in terms of giving in a sensor readout of planets in the sky moving over other planets sun, moon, and the person's chart, but generally people should hopefully, have their birth time, then we can work out a full birth chart that has what we call twelve houses. Everything is up down setting rising, and then we can monitor what a cold transit's progressions, which are the movement of planets in different systems on minimum planets. That's what I've been doing with my podcasts using the United States chart, where I'm actually talking about the sun and an asteroid palace pheno that was discovered back in eighteen to twenty. Six years after the birth of America. And so we can look at things like transits and progressions and then make in a sense of diagnosis or analysis of the opportunities challenges for somebody. How do you go in their life? You can go as far as you want, but it's better to stay pretty close to home near future. I mean, unless the person wants to know years to three years, you can go we have we have books, what are called the fem rides that go all the way to twenty one hundred or ready. Okay. Just. Wow. Yeah. And I wanted to bring up something just before we go onto other things about President Trump in Iran. President Trump is born when the sun is with the planet Urawa, so those together in his chart and another time we can talk more about what that means because it's a kind of revolutionary radical shock wave type of energy in many ways, like president Nixon head once in a while idea. The man man idea like ruling by complete change up evil. You never know what? Is going to happen from one minute to a next which creates a lot of uncertainty. But Iran when it came into being a revolutionary as lamb country nineteen Seventy-nine has the sun at right angles. What's called a square to the same planet, Iran. So when one person or one entity has a conjunction of toothless bodies, which President Trump has, and the other in this case country has them at right angles. Then that's a friction and attention. And you can't just sort of make a go away, which is why we're in kind of stalemate, one of the thing about Iran, you can actually take a country, which is a modern country. Now it's rebirth Iran, of course it is very modern. Well, it's, it's forty years old. But next year, it's going to be forty one years old from when the Ayatollah Khameini came back night, seventy nine and in the strategy, the cycle of forty one represents ironically, like we'd have having a person's chart, a midlife crisis for the nation. When you brought up about regime change. Look, the people of Iran, there's so many people there. I mean, if you polled the people, how many would want more freedoms. They wouldn't want the tyranny of the Islamic type government most, if not all of them. Right. And so that could happen by itself. So the thing is there's a difference between what could happen because this is related to what we call Neptune squaring its own position. The outer planet Neptune has a cycle of a hundred sixty four years, and it could divide that by four you get forty one. So any person people listening out there. Now, if you're forty forty one forty two your low call a midlife crisis or power surge. It can be a power surge. If you look at your values you study more about spirituality, you know, kind of look over your life plan focus more attention on where you wanna go and positive way. But if the person sort of ignores that then they can get themselves in real trouble. And there's a lot of chaos. Same thing for what is a head for. Well back to the faith thing with the. Vigil. Are they things that will be or could be well, I hear to interesting things from Karajan? He actually was studied marriage charts, hundreds of couples in order to understand the strategy. So all of his great work psychology, also was into strategy. So he said, two things that are important for people to think about with fate and free. Will he said, whatever happens at a moment of time has the qualities of that moment of time? So one of the things first of all, we don't understand most people do not understand that time is a power. It's not meant to be just a convenience system for when we gonna meet, you know, a meeting of the board of directors of such and such people having lunch together, we, we tend to use it on a very superficial level. But we don't realize that, for instance, every birth chart is a moment of time when a person or an entity is born and has a life cycle and the plan of sun moon and planets are part of that whole thing including the transit. Integrations but the thing about fate and destiny. Young also said something very interesting. Think of flipping a coin right heads. Hesitates, what he said, was what we what we don't experience what we don't fulfill our destiny returns to us as our fate. So think of our lives is kind of like the coin of the realm of fulfilling on the highest level our destiny. In other words, intuition, being in the moment, like Bob Ramdas, be here, now being tuned in thinking all the spiritual teachers who are always talking about living up to our high higher values versus living down to the lower kind of energies or not doing what we feel, we need to do in the moment, and therefore creating unnecessary mistakes. So three will is there. I mean, we're not atomic towns and the planets, don't control us. So it's not like Saturn is throwing down some rays from hundreds of millions of miles, making somebody full down a flight of stairs. But each one of us has these planetary archetypes from the birth chart, they live inside. Of us their themes and archetypes based on when we're born not, like Jupiter, Saturn, mercury or Mars or doing something to us that prevent us from living our lives. They are archetypes of qualities and energies that we can utilize for the good in our lifetime. Okay. Let's take some calls here in will you will pick it up by going to Tracy in Colorado. And we even have time for the birth October fifth, nineteen sixty seven okay. Hold on October fifth nineteen sixty seven one AM nineteen sixty seven and let's go to Tracy in Colorado. Tracey welcome to the program. Thank you for taking my call thing, actually, I'm in. I'm in Texas. I was born in Frisco, Colorado. Okay. That's good. Okay. So is there a particular area where you just interested in knowing whatever I can tell you more or less? Yeah. Whatever whatever you can tell me okay, so you're obviously October five sixty seven sunshine lever. And this is very interesting because the, the asteroid that I just mentioned, how Athena, which I've been doing now fifteen podcasts as I've gotten to podcasting on my website that little asteroids thoughts. A little is exactly on top of your son which just made this, this asteroid just made a station pals Athena's, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. It's also intelligence gathering. It's it represents fires for Justice or fighting against miscarriage of Justice that seem very powerful in your life as well as. Is doing more things to protect yourself like sort of rules things like the DNA genetic code and immunology. So how you protect your shield yourself from, from the outside world. But there's some seem that is coming into your life, this summer that has to do with knowledge and wisdom seeking intelligence gathering on the highest level and just on a practical level interest in things like board games or card games. A word games solving puzzles, and things like that you're also born with a lot of Virgo planet, which is the earth signed just before libra, and that gives you a lot of energies in terms of skill sets, I might say, in terms of research delving into studies, and you're also very apparently born with the moon in Scorpio, and that's very perceptive so deepening. Your perceptions working a lot with research, and this whole knowledge wisdom gathering. That's why view at this point. You go run with a trace hope everything works out next up. It's Thomas in LA Hoya, California. No reading just question for you. Hey, Tom, go ahead. George. Thank you for taking my call, Mark. You know, astrology addresses, you know, objects in the solar system planets etcetera, but there's asteroids, which used to be a planet like an exploded planet. And there's the sun and a lot of discussion in the coast universe. The coast universe about worldwide planetary catastrophes that could and life as we know it are sent us back to the stone age and NASA had a conference recently on near earth asteroid collisions that could would be very major. And then, of course, spent a lot of discussion about coronal mass actions that could wipe out the power grid on planet earth as wondering astrology address. The sun, the asteroids in terms of their effective possible catastrophe. Well, here's the answer. I do. And this is a big area of my life. And unfortunately, just brought up these fears I go, there's a website, I've gone to over and over again about sunspots about Colonel message actions, my favorite magazine which I've had for a couple of decades now as strana me so every single month. And during each month, I'm reading all about solar flares and all of that. Now, the sun is a big part of any person's birth chart it usually represents character. But it's also the key. It's completely different than the moon mercury Venus and other planets, because it's vast ball gases and tremendous amounts of tonnage, every split-second beyond our imagination of changing hydrogen into helium. This is the big thing that I grew up with as a child learning about the sun learning about, you know, space travel, and things like that. No George, you'll remember Tom van Flanders. Yes, the, the exploding planet hypothesis. And you know he passed away while back. And he and Richard Hoagland were colleagues and I have done a lot of studies. I did a whole series of articles called the astrology of Star Wars because series, the largest asteroid, which we call or the scientists, call dwarf planet is the remainder of what either what would Tom Landry felt, which I agree with was something happened in our solar system, a long time ago that broke up that area between Mars and Jupiter and believe it or not, the whole thing of the Star Wars movie. Remember, all ran in the beginning, Princess Lancer. Yeah. Absolutely. So I s logic study of the main characters Harrison Ford. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and so on relating to dare different actual birth sun signs, and I called the secret of Star Wars, but it's connected very much to the idea of the exploding planet hypothesis. So the answer for this fellow is at least myself as a profession. Astrologer working with the Strada me and working with movies and science fiction and people's birth charts. I do that kind of work now whether anybody else does that I don't know, next up, we're going to wildcard line niece born in Morocco on June fourth by birthday, by the way, Mark young fourth nineteen sixty four no time of birth June four nineteen sixty four niece, welcome to the program. Hey, how you doing? Happy birthday to happy belated birthday. Do you have a question for mortgage just want him to give you a general statement? Statements, and thank you for helping advocate last my just wanted to tell you. I really appreciate that was really sweet of sure, thank you so much. Okay. Well, general statement being born as a kind of time, twin with the great George Noory. I find that really fascinating offhand. So what's interesting is Venus. The planet Venus is right now for you George and for this person's calling in on these unease right on top. It's making the is making its annual conjunction with your son in gem night. Now.

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