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Many people died needlessly because of that one week delight. Yeah but I've got some sympathy for the way. They've got the experts from largely Western countries. Who SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE? Ni- consensus draws again. The next I still consensus awake lighter enough. Information comes their that they get a majority. I can we declaring it. But it'd be interesting to know what countries voted on that decision. Tom I'd like to know what the Australian representative was signing at that The Chili if there's not a consensus itself to tendrils says the Lleida site. Well he's what we're going to do and that's all just put that down to Polish well hobby expert decision but when you get half the experts saying that there is nine eight to coal pandemic and a half assigned readers. It'd be signed. We'll come on guys the expert. Surely you should be able to give me some majority decision. If there's one thing that is told me. Is that experts expert. Opinion is very dubious Well it's highly varied as well in some cases. Do you think the fact that he is not himself. A medical doctor makes any difference in this situation. If he had been a doctor do you think he could have perhaps argued more persuasively one way or another with the The committee and Sean a bit more leadership. Pops its thinking. It was his lack of technical expertise. I think lack of leadership. Sometimes you just have career your tough. Guy Yeah. Well he's got. The decision was to do nothing. If this the and that's often the worst decision but sometimes the best. He chose to take the job so he has to be willing to accept that sort of responsibility to take leadership when needed. He appears to have been lacking in that department It's interesting story right so anyway and to me. This seems like a heating up of a Cold War mixed metaphor. But there's a lot of anti-china sentiment much so that the Waga City Council declared that its sister city arrangement with a small. Chinese city is found battled with con. Ming Ming is not a small city. It's a fairly substantial johnny but in the scheme of Chinese cities is a big one. And it's it's pretty I don't know how many people but it's a big city in terms of southwest and China where it's located but let's see it's a lot bigger MORTGA. Yes but what do you think about that? Do you think that was really just A sad sad and despicable at the sign talk wide despicable because the people of heavy pronounced coming coming coming coming in my nj could mean like the reason for it was that the city was not in a true friendship because it was an extension of the Titanic. -Tarian regime that large of the world about the severity of the nineteen outright. So he's the longest. The Waga Counselor is blaming. The people of could mean for the Khyber teeny outbreak ridiculous. I mean you don't if you want peace an army in the world you get it by talking and and and you don't get by cutting people off tries to see showing your choice. I think it was probably counterproductive as well wrong because the the ordinary people of China will take that as a personal slot on on them rather than on the leadership in Beijing. And in the chat. Rain says that Take a mock biologist. Is that right? So they got. He's got some songs we hasn't PhD in community health. Well half days now. It's not. He's not a doctor but he has a qualification in community health or on. I can't any likes to be referred to as Dr Apparent. Let Ron gang sounds better remember. We took me a cruise ships previously. And how basically Australia City? The cruise ships on your. Why not give us a bit you over people on you and I felt that we were shirking. Our responsibility because my daughter was trapped cruise ship on the other side of the world. I would hype a Western country would do the right thing. Get PEOPLE OFF in enabling to get back. Time was a bit shocked to the way the government was talking to the cruise ships. Because normally it'd be welcoming and will the visitors and the money they bring with them and it's similar to the way they morrison government has basically said to young backpackers and foreign students looking We got a bit of an issue. You better go. I mean because we can't afford to pay you the money we're paying everybody else. But meanwhile we're describing billions of dollars probably a way out. Selling Education to students is about the fourth major. Ed Money on it. I tried Money on it's really really big. And the Morrison government has effectively said to them. All we got a bit of an issue. He piss off. Tom And we'll let you come back when we're ready. You know I mean really. He is wasting a golden opportunity to demonstrate to the world that we are a welcoming hospitable And supportive country. Well it does comeback to either buy or help relied on so apparently in the seventy s Australia took on a lot of immigrants from Uruguay. When are having problems and so when the the ship? The Greg Mortimer operated by the australian-based Aurora expeditions was trapped in off the coast of South America. Trying to get back other countries doing Australia's and said fuck off like we're not helping you at all so Chile and others said you're not staying here and apparently Uruguay put the hand off and said we'll take you and bicycling let them doc organize special buses to take him straight from the dock onto planes have been organized by these trying government and and consequently we got a lot of. Australians pretenders country thanks to the goodwill of the people of Uruguay. Cy in part of that was a sentiment from what Australia had done. Back in the seventy s Feeling of of repaint. It signed These people these people that are on the cruise ship There they fit and healthy though the if they will seek people on there. I'm sure we would get to their assistance on the cruise ships. That are the the staff a lot of mistaken that have to be say way. Just not letting them off a crew of thousand people on the ships and we signed to bed getting off you did. He denies would times. Oh it extends support medical support if there wasn't sufficient medical support on the sheep Dance say the sense of bringing healthy people to show and putting them you know taking them off a floating hotel and putting them on a stationary hotel. I mean I can awesome Justice will on a cruise ship is what they can. I think most on Land Bai's toto but you stuck on a ship I've only on the side. A little and Western countries weren't letting the ship dock because we've been cases of corona virus. And you just stuck there and couldn't get off even though you are willing to pay whatever to get off and get home and you're just GonNa have to stay on that fight for potentially a year until it eventually find his way back to Australia. If ever you'd be signing hanging these people that work on these cruise ships. I pretty much live on them. Bowl Year contracts. For six months on six months being trapped on a cruise ship is is not some kind of get our trust. They can't I can't get off those people on. What is it the Ruby Princess or whatever it is cannot cannot say on ready to get off. Let me off on fly home. It's now docked in port can learn New South Wales and They are taking people off who were sick and needing medical assistance. Because they took off today. I said okay or I I'm GonNa think the patrons before I so dear listener. If you're if you needed this podcast we have patrons go onto a website on just fill the glove. Dot Com. Are you and they Contributed some little. All we ask is a dollar so well start at the top and I was Sean on shown. He's still with us to this day eyesight. Thanks Sean now Craig John Townsend Lane and hard Bonham Wino- Jahmai Allison Steve. She knows tiny wall. Jimmy Spud kind. Words Trump Brundtland been met. Robert would be brought Harris Palais medically dominic democracy. Liam McMahon dive roiling. Daniel couldn't Harry Watson. Peter Gillespie kept in doomsday wheat. Watcher using the chat room going Andy Dowling Murray wiper who's also in the Chat Room Melinda at impressed professor doctor. Dentist Will Glenn Bill. Cry Matthew Alexander Allen. Pull Weipa. Tom Doing Tara. Camille Kim Brown Donnie. Darko Clinton Riggs Kevin Est Dire Straits. Five tiny eels yet. Another pink a fan boy the way to speaking of Pinkas Warren. I picked up that God damn pink a book. The biddle angels of there being I think was the one I've got here and reading going. Is this book all about just. The decrease of violence in the world is is pretty much veterans bills of NHL is a bad bad the reduced amount of violence in the world. Yeah I was like really. She'll eat. Those book is more than just that anti going to talk about other things so I really WanNa read a thousand next book. Nice next book. I got the wrong prefers next because I'll I'll agree with him that violence in the world. But when you when you controlling what somebody much they ate. You'd have to be live with them because if you've got them by the balls anyway so people are benefit as well. China just volley ear well but if the books as rating through the chapters the headings and skimming through it always like it seems to me. The entire book is a bad that there's less violence in the world and thought will that doesn't particularly interest me. I'm not gonNA come in twenty s to this book on that topic. Sal Get one of these other ones in and then the Knicks won the night. Mistakes me like it was based on the popularity of that. He extended that sort of fame ongoing a whole host of run. I so I get another Pinkett Fan. Grime Hannigan mock clock. Citizens Seeks David. Lloyd the twelve maintain Andrew Jackson. Yemi hambly Shine Ingram Craig bohl and Kirby of old joint since the Koran virus could only goes and also recently up. People contribute at sort of patriotic. Who Do it directly through? Hi Pal is deynekin walls. Thanks was the beneficiary Mr Anderson Corinne Madman Beverly in diamond from regard digital wind salmon. Jared Terry and a new patron abroad Moscow data. So thank you to the people who contribute and help cover some expenses so we can have all these high tech gizmos and do what we're doing saying it's a long list of garden so not many people have dropped off in recent times site. That's good coding. Now I guy for that. That's right can I mention something just before we finish up? Not Finishing up we've got. We've barely started full really good because I thought you know the people get On good thanks We were talking about the effects of the Koran of ours. The lockdown and things and have you seen. Did you see in yesterday's news? I think was the Queensland Police Force used a helicopter to design and on three young guys having quite drink on the rooftop of a building and I will violating the proximity rules and everything else and apparently they'd been using some illegal drugs as well but I mean basically they would busted for NFL for trespassing on the roof of this building where they shouldn't have been and violating the proximity roles and the cops. Use The damn helicopter catch three young. They're a police dog involved in that as well there was a building. That's right. Can you imagine the cost of running a helicopter to catch three guys having a quiet drink? And maybe you know a joint or something on a rooftop in the Gulf coast and how many police were involved in that and of course they issued fines to each of these guys that in other the fallen for being too close to allow me. It's getting ridiculous but what I was getting to was there was a group of Orthodox Jewish people in nine think. Melvin busted for having a prayer meeting some con by the police. But it doesn't say this is from the shots at US applaud trevor. It says police warned. Mitten meeting at the same venue on Wednesday and issued several warnings to the organizer of the group to not hold gatherings. Police attended the location again on Thursday after being made aware of people heading to the address for meeting nowhere in the report. Does it say any fawns? Where issues and yet you know as we know people alive or strategy or getting fond for the most ridiculous raisins is that a case of the police trading warily because this was a minority religious group in. Victoria maybe they just It's certainly a sensible DNA. I had a chat with a call as all standing in line to get a coffee Through the week and I asked him about happy Z. Walls and said he's very busy And the the increase of that same is from domestic violence. That was predicted. So you so. He's basically indicating that that has panned out in fact yet in his opinion. This is just one minion. Domestic violence is also. He said he was busy. with coal outs from people dubbing on Ron But on the other hand it'd be a lot less traffic accidents. There'd be a lot of breaking enters because people I'm I guess maybe a workplace they're still carrying the other parts of the police force be quiet quiet because I'm saying one of well it's going to be interesting to see because pull you would be concerned the infringement of their civil liberties that we're very concerned that we have accepted tonight and I think Australians have gone. Well this looks pretty serious. We don't want to have a disaster will agree to some fairly draconian measures for the moment. But Yeah I think pay up to the APP whereas my question. Do you want to explain? What do you know about the APP So something orlands just recently is that it's only going to register contact with somebody within one point five. Mehta's for more than fifteen minutes. Yeah so doesn't track. You'll like high shouldn't is such it. Just identifies tonight. Yes whether you're in the vicinity of another fine not anytime to ping another divorce when it's within one point five meters and it's GonNa keep a record of that.

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