Dopamine discussed on Fresh Air - 'Why Buddhism Is True'


Then we we would quit doing him right i mean if y you would eat you'd you'd fuel blissed out you never eat again you'd have sexy lie they're basking in the afterglow never have sex again while obviously that's not a prescription for getting genes into the next generation so natural selection seems to have built animals in general to be recurring lead dissatisfied uh and and this is this is uh seems to be a central feature of life in its its central to the buddhist a diagnosis of of what the problem is new quote a really interesting study about dopamine that also connects to the idea that pleasure is inevitably fleeting would you describe that study yeah it was a study involving uh monkeys and dopamine as it tends to be correlated with pleasure its exact role is still disputed but it it it does seem to be correlated with pleasure with reward um in in these monkeys they put fruit juice on their tongues and they noticed that when when the fruit juice it's the tongue the first time there's a burst of dopamine which presumably corresponds to a burst of a pleasure now then they kept doing that but they would signal the coming of the fruit juice with with a light flashing on so that the monkeys could anticipate the uh the reward and what they saw as that more and more the dopamine came when the light went on and will end there was less and less dopamine associated with the actual fruit juice so.

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