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By the way good moves for sean of frank dunn councilman kathy evans has withdrawn her proposal to ban travelling animal acts are in the county on they were very concerned the would have an impact on the show and if they weren't allowed to come to work in one oh bruce on your show talk radio six adt would seek the john is in timonium john good morning john are you there buddy john could not hang on riches a glimmer earlymorning rich aragon roaring bruce said love your show thank you i am at local driver just running the state in my own new jersey delaware over virginia but everything we do as a driver is recorded we have a quite safety system if we give cooler when the scale and we have laid out it goes against our schools against our company that is through the federal government we have medical records we used to carry our wallet now when we get a critical we get the court and we have to go to motor vehicles earn accordion and make sure you get a receipt go there of deters now they can look right up on a computer as whether or not were up to date with our critical used to be and it greece solves record but now you can go on a computer and if somebody down motor vehicles doesn't put that in now you gotta still carried accord showed it you do have your critical up today we'll boy i tell you the next thing is going to be said we put a chip and your arm you'll know favorite that porno roof i'll get another career urban drive for i have my truck fare rises it ninety seven it used to be a fun you off between the people are here with herself harms it over drivers lift driver's victory over to pick up somebody right in front of you and.

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