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From NPR and WBZ Chicago. This is Wait, Wait. Don t tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Kurtis and I'm faith Salie filling in for Peter Sagal. It's Fourth of July weekend, which means we'll be up all night, listening to people yelling loud explosions and endless hot dogs. And that's just what's happening at the Golden Corral will ask who scooped up what plus soccer expert Roger Bennett will try to score big on our quiz and Bill Kurtis gets nostalgic thinking about the time we took that class and partner yoga. It brings back some pretty bad memories. I'll tell you that we'll ask who was really stretching the truth on our quiz. Coming up right after this hour's news. Live from NPR news. I'm Barbara Klein. A ransomware attack has paralyzed the networks of at least 200, U. S companies and others around the world, according to a cybersecurity researcher whose firm was responding to the incident. NPR's Dave Mystic reports hundreds of grocery stores in Sweden that are part of a major chain there have had to close down because of it. Swedish company coupe shut down the stores Friday as a result of the attack cybersecurity researchers say they expect other large scale companies to announce that they've been hit. On Friday, Information technology company Cassia sent out a warning of a potential attack on a tool it uses to manage and monitor computers remotely. John Hammond, a researcher with Hunter Slabs, called the attack a nightmare for those affected, Hammond says the same group blamed for hacks on JBs Foods in the colonial pipeline appears to be behind this latest attack. The U. S cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency says they are working to understand and address the attack. Dave Mystic NPR news Two more bodies have been found in the collapse. Condo building and Surfside, Florida That brings the confirmed death toll to 2400 and 24. People are still missing. Crews at the site are bracing for Tropical Storm Elsa, Florida Governor Rhonda Santa's has issued a state of emergency and preparation. We have a building here. And Surfside that is.

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