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So here's buster only on bonds and cleanse his candidacy specifically when i was still voting uh i always voter fra clemens in bonds and i voted for mark mcgwire i stop voting a few years ago uh but absolutely i think you have to look at the players within the context there times and you know what you're one joe morgan sent out the letter to to voters uh back in the fall that to me was w it was a classic example of taking the entire issue out of context we talked about wanting and i'm paraphrasing wanted a clean hall of fame we'll give me a break i mean the hall of fame not clean they're already are pd users i don't know for sure but i'd bet the family farm back in vermont at thirty steroid users have been inducted it's not a house is a holy it's a great baseball museum uh and banza clements should absolutely be and i'm with buster only one hundred percent vote all these guys and it's a stupid at this point because you told me mike piazza didn't allegedly takes the roads i don't know but that's the point you don't know read her we have no no no but but but you if you had to guess dangerous montegazza singling him out okay you plan rodriguez uk event rodriguez evonne rodriguez win from looking like up like i don't know a running back so looking like a guy who was the water boy i mean come on we lost aren't you talk about parts worth a you take their back he's my people to go way back bear perks group people may stop eating mcdonald's that's what he said was it worth waiting work it out mmhmm so so eating boiled chicken breast kale the problem that you have lonely you stored lining everybody already know piazza lineages noble you know he went on trial in all the craziness i mean it's it sucks you get caught that's essentially were to say it sucked when you get caught but if you get caught you gotta deal with the consequences eno duty get caught i mean you could be sought to you start but you can't star saying where we know you probably did it i'm afraid thomas.

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