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There can be nothing topical ever since John Stewart, late night host of all been forced to become political pundits. You know, John Stewart was forced Jeevan down to Jimmy Fallon, took their dick do political jokes, Jimmy Fallon is a political, Jimmy Fallon go go with this. What he's saying, even Jimmy Fallon, who should just be silly TV Fallon is not stand up is attacked for his treatment of Donald Trump, and the interviewer says, do you think Fallon has been unfairly criticized for humanizing, Donald Trump, completely. He is just all about fun and silliness, that's what his audience wants. And then to be maligned for quote, unquote, humanizing Trump, funny, I thought he was human. If you have the nominee to be president on your show. And he is your guests than he is your guest. Don't have him on the show if you don't want him. And I thought it was funny because he was just a banned from the tonight show after this article came out shit. Yeah. I mean, I get it Jimmy Fallon. So he when Trump would, I say bands just to be clear. He was scheduled and he was Kayla nor norm was okay when when Trump was on Jimmy Fallon, it was, you know, at while he was running right? And he messed with his hair and he kind of played games with them and he got some shit for it, and I get that and get why he messed with his hair, and I get why he was joking about it, and then he apologized for it because he thought in hindsight, I helped the bullshit. And in hindsight, I, I'm sorry and I think that is air. That's it. You know, because it was a silly thing and he is a comic and it is a stupid fucking late night show is before Trump was putting kids in cages. And then maybe it's a little more serious too. Yeah, I get it. He, he didn't know. That his role was to be more serious because he's a comic. So whatever he already commented on that you don't have to take back his apology for him. You don't. He wasn't affected what's going on with Jimmy Fallon. Is he okay? Can you check on him? Did he get out of bed this morning? That's where you worried about more than rape victim. Don't worry about it. Roseanne and Louis norm Donald feels forced to tweet. If you ask me Roseanne Louis of both in very good friends of mine for many years, they both made terrible mistakes, and I would never defend their actions of my are defending their action..

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