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I'm Gary non one Peres fire official says now the cathedral of Notre Dame has been saved from destruction fire broke out on the roof of the building about five hours ago, consuming some of the landmark witness Christopher Brennan. Part of a roof that should be Garret no longer that people can see the destruction with their own eyes. And you could see the tears of there. Either the three hundred foot tall wooden spire collapsed. French president Emmanuel Macron says the worst has been avoided promising to rebuild. He will ask for international help KYW TV reporter, Victoria world here. People in the street. They're singing and praying and watching this billowing fire continue to persist and now within the belly of the church reporter, Adam plow, right Nelson. I'm cathedral was undergoing a major renovation project. We sort images last week of statues being removed from the spire of the cathedral. The spy since been destroyed an collapsed. This was a long running renovation project. I'm the fire service has indicated could be connected to that. No indication what caused the fire. No injuries reported. Attorney general William Barr says a redacted version of the Muller election meddling report will be released Thursday, political reporter Daniel Lipman says that many people do question bars intentions and motives, they view bar as not an entirely honest broker given that his summary was so short and really did not incorporate much information from the Miller report as. Muller's. Investigators kind of leaked afterwards. Prizes were awarded today. CBS's Steve Dorsey journalists from the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times Associated Press, and Reuters were among this years Pulitzer prize winners, the small Annapolis Maryland newspaper the capital gazette was awarded a special citation for its coverage of the newsroom shooting that killed five of its employees in June. Twenty eighteen measles cases, nationwide and worldwide continue to climb WHO says global measles cases are up by three hundred percent this year to well. Over a hundred thousand at the real figure is likely much higher because the UN body estimates only one in ten cases is actually reported. Most of the fatalities young children five hundred fifty five cases confirmed this year in twenty states nearly two thirds of those in New York game of thrones season eight premiere HBO says the series opener last night after a nearly.

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