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During the Menards spring catalog sale. Carbonate Jerko on ESPN Chicago. Great Monday, rain, finally moving audio first good weekend for everybody carbon. With you the cubs and the SOX winning series. The White Sox didn't get to play their full series because of the snow, of course, on Saturday nights so much for fireworks night. Snow Roger Bossard Assad father heads gone from there guy showed up at six AM car. I gotta tell you melted. Pretty quickly yesterday though because it warmed up so quickly and the sun was out which was nice day yesterday and chance to win the sun's out. Boy, it was awful. I'm going to be honest down south get any we had about an inch and a half two inches by us. But it was just a miserable. There was like a driving rain, and then snow, and then sleet, and then we that's what we had mostly it was it was kind of a slush asleep melted. Instantaneously with whatever idiot. Terrible, man. But then it was gone pretty quick. So the socks couldn't play Saturday, obviously. But man, they played a thriller of a game on Friday. I mean, they're down eight one eleven Levin while they slowly. But surely got back into it. The Tigers I think at one point went up eleven nine maybe the socks tied it, and then Tim Anderson walked it off big backflip. Now, they didn't have time to drill because the end of the game. Thank goodness bay. Big bat, flip out of Tim Anderson. It was great. Well, they remember. To play.

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