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On the Maxine that counters the impact of design changes in the. Event that the plane goes into a stall the caste system is suspect in the deadly crash of a lion air, seven thirty seven, Maxine. And it's being looked at in the investigation of the airlines crash. I'm Steve Kastenbaum. The man who took action to stop an armed robbery at a Fresno. Starbucks is honored at city hall mayor LeBron presenting Craig Jerry with the Carnegie hero medal, which is awarded to Americans and Canadians who save lives through extrordinary measures security video showed the accident that Jerry took when Ryan floor is used a knife to hold up the coffee shop back in two thousand seventeen idea that it would go viral as people told me, and I didn't realize the impact it would have obviously I just do what I had to do from there on it. Whenever Jerry was stabbed in the neck during the struggle, but since has made a full recovery mayor brand also declaring March twenty first is Craig Jerry day in the city of Fresno escaped Bs on a Clovis section of highway one sixty eight this morning came as Dominic McAndrew has the bus eight certainly created a buzz McCann. Ijaz taking that stretch of roadway. One sixty eight meets temperance CHP says a late lane change led to a crash involving a pickup carrying beehives just before as AM, and we have bees all over in that area each trying to figure out what to do with all those bees out. There were multiple vehicles involved. Officers Shasta tollackson says help swarmed the area. But there were no injuries reported knee only problems that we might see with the bees is gonna be the windshield. You know, they're going to get a little sloppy. The scene has since being cleared in the highway has returned to normal dominate McAndrew came J news over to Wall Street where the Dow is down three hundred seventy three points at twenty five eighty nine eleven three a K m j valley weather right now, partly cloudy, fifty seven at Radio City, some sun and then turning cloudy today. A high of sixty eight tonight occasional rain this evening, a low of fifty three and then we'll see the rain in the morning for your Saturday..

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