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What will eating at restaurants look like when some open this weekend I'm Valerie bonk Good Friday morning twenty ninth of may twenty twenty yes we can weather on the aids and when it breaks right no change in Bethesda river I. remains closed in both directions between the beltway amber dead road accident investigation work continues traffic redirected each way as result in addition on the ramp from the animal to go east on Riverside also closed by the investigation I have to go west is open dining Waldorf north found western parkway near west long way at last report from Charles county officials the northbound lanes western parkway were closed southbound there was getting by in the disaster couple of things to watch out for the big one Albion New York Avenue near the intersection with nine street in Brentwood parkway in northeast all lanes are blocked due to the crash you can either go to nine street of rebel parkway or you you can you turn but you cannot continue throughout by the New York Avenue I can see your options Rhode Island Avenue good way to get out of town I headed to a prince George's county over in southeast Wheeler rides been close last couple of hours as a result of an investigation when Congress street in Savannah street southeast again no change there is slow traffic redirected his way as a result Virginia authorities for me was crashed out in Dale city north found many little road diverted to Darby del Avenue as resolved south of mini ville road was open ninety five north foundation north of Dumfries Trudell said he still got a lot of work send single fox right but as of late delays and finally he's getting into and through that work sound rich under WTOP traffic we continue to track very warm and humid air making its way in across our region in your Friday is going to be a hot one hive eighty six a heat index closed at ninety degrees mostly cloudy skies.

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