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ABC Zoran Shah, You're listening to ABC News. Kay away News. Radio time is 802 more Colorado covert closures the virus and crowd concerns and forced the closure of Big Soda Lake and Bear Creek Reservoir. City of Lakewood says it's been unable to comply with Jeffco public health regulations at those two sites due to high volume of visitors. Lakewood has shut down water activities until the city confined away to keep those areas and compliance. And it's covert 19 cases increase in Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is sending a message about wearing mass to reduce the spread of the virus. Face coverings are required in Denver. Mayor says he's concerned about an increase in the percentage of people testing positive. For the last time I updated you on our cove it impacts are positivity rate was around 3% and today released as of July 3rd reset at 4.5%. That is not good. We're going in the wrong direction with regards to our positivity rate the mayor warrants. If this trend continues, the city might have to reinstitute measures that could devastate the economy and asked, the man is counting his blessings after being attacked by a bear, 54 year old David turn on ski told Fox 31. He woke up early Friday morning. To some strange sounds at his home. I turned around the hallway and looked him straight in the face, and he just went bam and hit me with his Paul one time and I just started screaming, and I was very deep loud and he Decided to go. Bear open the door and ran off. The animal has since been found in euthanize Janofsky needed surgery for wounds to his face and back, but is expected to make a full recovery. Federal officials are investigating the crash of a small helicopter in rifle today, The two men on board crawled out of the wreckage for the chopper burst into flames, which started a small brushfire. Member then taken to the hospital. There's no word yet on their condition. Our next news updates today. 30 I'm Tom must await news Radio, 8:50 a.m. and 90 for one FM. North by like 25 leaving or climbed down by Thorne up through downtown in the centennial, no traffic or instance to report at this time. He's around I 76 passing by Berkeley up through North Washington. Past Derby in Henderson drives of driving the posted speed at this hour West by 1925 from Aurora passing through in the Utah Park by him in south and into the tech center. Everybody seems to be driving at posted speeds at.

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