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And 20 Giants beat the Rockies yesterday. 7 to 2 on 11 hits. Homeruns from Gabon and Evan Longoria. It was Mauricio Dubon, though with a three run shot that broke the time for the Giants, and they did not relinquish the lead there now. 28 27 they're holding on to the seventh seed in the National League playoff race. Kevin Gausman takes the ball today. 12 45 1st pitch right here on KNBR, 1045 and 6 80. It'll be Cici Gonzalez, the right hander. For the Colorado Rockies for the 40. Niners. Jimmy G. Did not practice yesterday. Nick Mullins is likely to start per Kyle Shanahan's media session yesterday. Also, George Kendall and Dre, Greenland both limited at practice yesterday, Ah little bit of news at a major league baseball where the Tampa Bay Rays have won the American League East Yankee fans and the Waterboy probably not too happy about that. It's their first A least titles. They beat the Mets 8 to 5. Excuse me their first title in 10 years as water boy comes by, and and looks like he did something with a bird in his hand. I don't know maybe flipped one up anyway. The Miami Heat yesterday in the Eastern Conference finals over the Celtics won 12 to 109 rookie Tyler Hero with 37 points off to be off the bench for Miami. Those your half past headlines more 40 Niner talking, we'll hear from the New York Giants head coach Jo Judge as we return to the leadoff spot. He bleeds orange and black enjoys the green and gold and flips off Dodger leases The leadoff spot with Adam Say to your smart speaker play, KNBR 650 is checking its Golden Gate. James. My apologies have not paid much attention to the text line. Today. We were just trying to get through some giant sound. But gold get James checks and it's his coats. I would take the Pats over the Raiders this week, the Colts over the Jets, the cardinal's over the Lions. Before taking the Niners this weekend. Yeah, Everybody's on that colts and Jets. I just I'm with you. The Jets are bad, like really bad, and the Colts have been putting up offense, even slinging the ball. Just defensive line was okay. That's probably the move. It's probably the move. I was talking about my survivor picked this week. I just thought.

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