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8 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s now back to rob stallworth in the traffic to apartment Washington Parkway this is after one 98 has a single right lane getting by the crash you are calling southbound approaching 32 headed down toward the crime scene past one 98 northbound also rubber necking leaving one 97 headed toward the crash scene near one 98 if you traveling on the interloop of the beltway leaving route one college park delays toward the BW Parkway but nothing reported as blocking tops out of the beltway analog delays leaving Silver Spring headed around toward Georgia avenue but travel lanes are available in a loop slow leaving three 55 headed toward Connecticut avenue with nothing reported as blocking Southbound two 70 beyond 80 in urbana crash was reported but it doesn't appear to be blocking except for the delays continuing down toward one O 9 with travel lanes open No problems on 50 the speak of you guys are looking pretty good for now In elkridge westbound 100 ran to route one was the reporter wreck Otherwise in Silver Spring 29 northbound their coals were road as is actually near Fenton street That's where we had the report of a crash If you're traveling in Frederick 26 liberty road westbound at the minox boulevard exit we have the report of a broken down vehicle to watch out for that New York down route 5 branch avenue This is before Allentown bro that's where we had the scent of the roadway block for that wreck Virginia beltway looks pretty good for now between Alexandria and McLean eastbound 66 clear as you make your way out of nightly street headed toward the beltway we did have the crash on the ramp from nutley street the eastbound 66 blocking that on ramp still there southbound 29 at centerville farms road in unit mill road we had the right lane block for the wreck traveling on I 95 looking good right now as you head north down leaving Dale City headed toward the Springfield interchange with travel ain't open and Prince William county this is the Prince William Parkway westbound near ridgefield road and great bridge road we had the crash that last report you were under police direction in order to get around This holiday season give everyone on your list Marilyn lottery hand holiday scratch offs with instant prizes of up to 100,000 bucks and weekly second chance cast drawings Please play responsibly I'm rob stallworth WT traffic Check that looks like today could be almost as nice as yesterday Almost but not quite that warm our high yesterday 65° we're not even going to get above 60 day The most unusual.

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