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Seattle owner, Jerry bruckheimer knows there's buzz building for hockey, one hundred and forty miles south in Seattle Tapani under digging a hole in the ground right now. So it's pretty exciting. Thirty one teams are taking part in this year's draft an empty hole where Seattle franchise will soon setup president and CEO. Todd lie. Wicky knows. They're inching closer to a puck dropping and Seattle wash game when looking and saying one day two or three or four of these players in this very game are going to be wearing sale across your chest connects fans to anxiously await having an instant rival that's to be we've never had a team this close in Vancouver BC. Patrick Quinn, KOMO news. The hope is that NHL Seattle may have a draft here in two thousand twenty one in the meantime, still nothing about a team name and colors or saying announcement coming this fall. Komo news time seven ten since for sports. The Mariners squeak out a win against the Baltimore Orioles. T mobile part tend to nine final. Seattle storm still a perfect record intact. That's alternate home. Eighty four sixty two final against the LA sparks with more of our Saturday morning sports right now. Here's Eric Heintz from the Harley exterior sports desk. Husky Matisse title was picked by Boston, the first round of the NBA draft and traded Philadelphia has mom passed away when he was a senior at eastside Catholic, now tries to live up to his mom's example, there, she took care people's. I try to give back as much as I can. And I say best was giving me an amazing saves Ville to do that. And now being an NBA go have even more of a sage to do that. Now former U dub, T may Jalen Noel was taken in round two by Minnesota. The Sounders won't play again until one week from today when they host Vancouver, the long layoff was due to the early exit from the US open Cup, and the international window for players to be with the respect of national team's head coach branch Metra says they're not worried about losing three straight going into the break. Brian. Shifts. Parts. National competitions challenging. The Sounders, our third, the MLS west division, sports at ten and forty minutes past the hour. I'm Eric Heintz on your home of the huskies, KOMO news. Just ahead yesterday.

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