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Give got to believe me. Mr. b I did nothing about it. If there's anything I can do would committing Harry carry on yourself be asking too much. Gosh, isn't that a little drastic? What do you expect me to congratulate? You not only did Mona stole him into my office and break a golf club over my head my best, but she's also suing a hut bomb. Wired herald glam apply from the coastal area. She's marrying him instead of a banker like that pride already taken out of marriage license miserable. Two dollars wasted. That would be what's Jordan? You'll just wait till I get hold of that blunt saboteur maisy. No. I don't understand why you did Atlantic. Can you tell me again, slowly? But don't understand Eddie. I didn't know that your boss that he will that she that you well the pin. Will you can't blame me for that? Kanye carolina. What Eddie lazy means that when she opened it and put it on that it wasn't attended from him to her step from you to her. Exactly. Thank you Martin you have to clear way of explaining it. It's okay. Thanks. That's why you really can't hold it against ready. I could've I knew what to hold against her maisy. How can you do so many dumb things in one day? But it's easy. When you use your head Eddie going to return, this Mr. Espy, then I'm going to tell you still love me. Don't you Eddie? Yeah. That's why I'm going to psychiatrist. Well, at least that he doesn't understand any still nuts about you. Yeah. He's nuts. All right. I don't deserve it. Let there Mr. Gillespie. Sure must be a louse firing Eddie for such a such a natural steak. Yeah. I just gotta get less. Be Mona back together if any two people deserved each other. They do we have. How you gonna do it? Maybe Mona's marrying that fella Haralambos tonight. But if I went that wedding sort of disillusion Mona about him Glaspie might get a chance to straighten things out whether and give any back job with a raise. Maybe then you Eddie could get married and live happily ever. Yeah. I'm gonna have kids at home a car. So you can see what we gotta do it for Gillespie sake. Yeah. For his sake. Exactly. Now, I've never seen eddy's boss. I mean ex-boss need. But but if Mon is what he wants Mona's what he's going to get now. I'll just get into by stage makeup. I got just the right outfit to wear. So's Mona won't suspect. It's me then at the wedding tonight. We are gathered here tonight to witness marriage of and Kevin dish. Thank you. Yeah. Just can never understand Mon handwriting. These marriage certificates. The marriage Ramona Kevin dish too. Cheviot Gillespie the Donna God. And you remember. I realized what a truly unusual, but when you off a believing my story about that diamond deciding instead of that booth that Lambert man Sam I just knew the own man in the world when you gave me that beautiful ten thousand dollar pin. Did you know it was ten dollars? I headed to crazy. Continue with the ceremony. Before I pronounce your nine and Golda. Why is about.

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