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Is shut down from 3 95 to 4 at Monitor pass because of the snow and Highway four. Shut down from route 207 to Highway 89 at Evitts Pass. Alden Jacob News 93.1 kfbk. Now. Sacramento weather Finally start this morning with lows in the mid to upper forties. Then for the rest of today, those clowns will stick around highs from 60 to 64. Degrees. Cloudy for tonight. Little rain late lows around 50, then occasional rain for Monday breezy eyes from 55 to 59. I'm activating me there. Almost map ends news 93.1 kfbk. Or I Heart Radio Music Festival brought the biggest artists and music back together for two nights of live performances. You'll never forget. They plugged in and played loud superstar collaboration, powerful performances, iconic covered state of the art virtual technology. While I heard radio listeners experienced it all live as it happened from the first ever video fan wall. See for yourself. Watch our must see I heart Radio Music Festival Thursday at eight on CW 31. What would you think if your employer made it mandatory? You spend almost four weeks a year and training classes to make you better at your job. Do you think that's overkill? Jerry, Can you hear from Bill Brothers? The No surprise guys, and we want you to know we make it absolutely mandatory that all of our technicians spend at least 150 hours a year and training that's four full weeks whether they've worked for Bell Brothers for two months, two years or 20. The reason is simple. When they're tuning, servicing or installing your E c first or plumbing work. It's imperative that they are 100% up to speed on the latest technology, the latest installation techniques and the latest safety requirements. That's how we insure every job is done right The first time on Lee Bell Brothers requires this kind of training. That's right. No one else So give us calling 9164441234. Or you could find us online of the no surprise guys dot com That's 9164441234 or find us online at no surprise guys dot com Warming up A cold car sounds like a smart idea, but.

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