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I walk up and i'm like so and there was a throng of media around him and i had a microphone and like so. What's the deal man like. Why don't you want to do it. And he looked at me like like how dare this. Is ken griffey junior. Who's probably about my same age at the time. Had this look. He gave me this death. Stare like how dare you ask me why i am choosing not to want to be in this homerun derby. You know what he did. He went out the next day and he wanted like he gave me the look. He kind of like he was so angry. That i asked about because i even like president. Well you know. According to so-and-so he says this and this and he's like you don't even know what you're talking about he goes. You don't understand what we're going through and coming off of these series and having a fly in here. I mean just unaddressed. Me in front of everybody like okay. Sorry see you later. And then the next day baseball players are super ornery. If i if i've ever encountered issues in clubhouse or a locker room did more times at not been with a baseball player you know they. They're just. I don't know what it is but that for whatever reason seems to be the culture there like or at least certainly it was for many years. Okay go ahead. it's the sport that plays over one hundred eighty km one hundred sixty two games. One hundred eighty an postseason win all said and done and if you do that for several years you're spending half your professional life. Basically in front of the media and no other sport has maybe tennis maybe soccer. Yeah has that much. Yeah and most of the most most baseball players at this was pre you know the nba obviously had high school kids. But there weren't that many high school kids right but like most baseball players barely go to college. You know what i'm saying like so they're also just like you know so young and just like not. They don't have like if you if you're a basketball player or a football player and you go to these basketball schools or these football factories schools. You have media training. You know what. I'm saying like if you go to duke. You don't want to deal with the media. I'll give you an example. Because i i do want to eventually talk about this game but i was watching the post game last night on. Nba tv and kenny. Smith asked mikhail bridges. Like what is it like to having done. Nba finals media. Day was like different or cool. He's like man. I went to villanova and play the two final fours i saw there was a media like all day like i talked to media more than i did practice. You know what i'm saying so like but in baseball there isn't there isn't that you know what i mean like basketball players and football players have a lot more media training because they spend time in these big colleges whereas most baseball players. Don't even go to a baseball like a college. If you're a college baseball player you don't have the media responsibilities that a basketball or football player has either but my only issue he played for the dodgers right. Aj burnett greg played for the dodgers a long time ago right. I don't remember burnett was josh josh. Josh beckett was burnett did not play for the dodgers. I mean it would have been very very short if he did the mid-2000s mean look it up. I don't remember him being dodger. All right keep going. there must be nonetheless. You're right it wasn't it was josh beckett so aj burnett one time. I don't know what the hell i even asked him. I don't even remember it anymore. But i was a baby. Okay like a baby in this business. Like twenty two twenty three wet behind years but baby. Yeah yeah and i. I asked him something and he it was me and another guy kind of asking the same thing and he just berated us in front of the entire room and they're on their forget. This there was a a national moby guy who's based in new york. I don't want to say who. What or whatever. But he came he. He heard what was happening. Walked right up to him and said bro. Why do you have to be such a bleep to these two kids. They're just doing their job man and then he kind of backed off because this guy was a prominent baseball writer at the time and he was like all right man. I'm sorry and then he answered the question. But i but baseball players get real ornery for sure inter or having to do like post game interviews in locker rooms. This is going to come off sounding. Maybe like can you. Can you finish this on the zags. We have a four and a half minute break. Go ahead let's do that. You get your story. And then greg will do overrated underrated. We'll do that next. Thank you chris. And i don't know tonight. I wanted to take away i real fast or just go right into the birthday. I mean. just go do this first. And then we'd give away story all right. It's not that big a deal. You want to tell your story anyway. So let's do birthdays. I and l z. You did not end up using your get out of jail free card not okay so then. Today's birthday is lisa leslie or michelle kwan. Boy i'm going to say that. Lisa leslie is the underrated one because when i look at staples and i don't see no statue of her. That means y'all impr- she and her right yelling. Give it her her flowers. This is an la legend who has brought chips and olympic gold and all kinds of se. Glory where's statuette. Where is the statue. So she is the underrated. One not trying to hate on figure skating. You know but brothers ain't really looking at figure skating. I'm just saying we really don't mess with the winter olympics in general but we damn sharing sitting around waiting to see when michelle kwan is gonna take the ice. You don't think the brothers sitting around going yo man. You excited tonight for for the big figure skating finale. I'm sure there are some brothers who love them. Some figure skating. I just wasn't hanging around with them. When michelle kwan was on the ice feel that she. Greg i really don't wanna use one of these. Get out of jail free cards. You know. eventually you're gonna. I guess you're going to have to find the right topic where i'm just unwilling but for the sake of of this particular exercise i will also say michelle. Kwan would have to go in this equation as the overrated versus lisa. Leslie which i would have to say would be underrated. And i'm not into figure skating or wnba basketball. But in this particular instance. That's how i'll go. I agree with those lisa. Leslie is no disrespect to again michelle kwan. As well but it's like what are you. Lisa lens lesley's iconic in her sport. Michelle kwan is one of many great figure skaters. I don't know if i would classify her as iconic necessarily..

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