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Ten months older the cat stupid okay keep going off other than she's not my wife although we've been together ten years and as i mentioned on the show she's thirty six razors one of my own cheese corn fed but she's the head writer on the show ended burnett and the brains of the outfit let's be clear so so she said we're getting the crazy one eighty after eighty cedric was the name of gave 'cause the cat had the worst name maybe an animal history well it was a it was so awful i may have blanked it out of my mind gypsy rose lee's mother was auntie mame auntie mame name the fucking kitten was anti ma'am right i was out a name for kitten it's melville forgetting that's lots of live up to he is so didi have a long life or short life she's with us okay kicking it but plays the game of chimera off right for me game deal don't have has to be nearest yeah don't pick her up she'll play with you she's not crazy and biting or scratching but not a does not enjoy the holding right dog might be right there foster just sitting on your lap so happy i am really good at finding good lapdogs it's my thing i also have a pit bull lapdog i've seen pictures of the pit bull on the instagram the pit bulls not that smart the pit bull rolled in human feces human feces yesterday for days ago yesterday do we need to know where the human feces came from.

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