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Don't. No seriously. I like the lyrics, but I let the artist kind of freehand. And I wasn't really confident enough to say like, no, I don't really like that. Free handy. Anything permanent on my body was on your back. So you couldn't even. My neckline so covered up unless a number. I thank you. Samantha. Hey, jim. Hey, how you doing? Regret. What back? So I got a symbol is the latest me. It's why. Coaching boys basketball players, I coach ballet. A lady and a man intertwined does. It look sexual. Ballet. Well. Regretted? Thank you. Jim have a good day. Hey, denise. Denise I'm reading this. You did not get this tattoo. Husband. Okay. What did he do husband was eighteen? He got I remand how catch on his ankle. Uber. In fact, he ended our hospital and. And. Exactly, what was it. The approach itself. I don't know. All I know is he was in the hospital, and he was most upset because man how didn't like send him a letter or any. That's actually not surprised what was the deal man cows. Like if you come down here, then I'll give you a free tattoo of my own name. And your your husband thought that was a good idea. How I don't know that some random. Oh, wow. Pay for it. I don't know. I don't know who pays confusing. He probably was just a big fan and went to go get a tattoo randomly one day and got his name and try to tell Mankato says it was free. So I'm wondering hope. The name. It's a picture. Space. Okay. Blacked out. Oh, man. Cover it up..

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